Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret Angel

Miranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret’s Cutest Angel

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Aside from my wife, I have few crushes in this world. Most of them are celebrities though. One is Miranda Kerr.

miranda_kerr (6)

She is an Australian and one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

From wikipedia;

Victoria’s Secret is an American retailer of women’s wear, lingerie and beauty products. It is the largest brand and a segment of publicly traded Limited Brands with sales surpassing USD$5 billion and an operating income of $1 billion in 2006. Victoria’s Secret is known for its fashion shows and catalogues, which feature top fashion models.

The most famous of these Angels (both past and present) are Heidi Klum (played Brumhilda in Ella Enchanted), Rebecca Romijn (played Mystique in the X-Men movie series) and Tyra Banks (host of America’s Next Top Model). Miranda Kerr may not be as famous as these girls but I think she is the cutest. Her dimples add to her incredible girl-next-door look. She’s just so insanely beautiful.

Here are her pictures I have compiled from the internet. Just click on the thumbnail to make it larger.


miranda_kerr (5) miranda_kerr (4) miranda kerr (19)

miranda_kerr (2) miranda_kerr (1) miranda_kerr

She’s so hot like the devil yet so innocent-looking like an angel.

No wonder, Orlando Bloom has fallen for her.

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24 Responses to “Miranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret’s Cutest Angel”

  1. Downloader Says:

    ang hanep nito Pare! pwede na! Not just her dimples but her winking and mesmerizing eyes as well! drooling for her… really caught my attention!

    Anyways, congrats to your new site! More power to you! And God Bless!

    Ang link ko dun sa blogroll mo, paki.update nalang din.!


    ark Reply:

    @Downloader – salamat bro, I have already updated your link

    @vila dines – I also like Jessica Alba.. I might feature her someday too..

    @neil – haha, ok lang.. Sorry siya, taken na ako! 😀


  2. vila dines Says:

    she’s hot and cute. i love jessica alba though 😉


  3. neil Says:

    panu yan pareng ark, mukhang c orlando bloom ang natipohan. hehehe


  4. Mhar Says:

    Yes I agree. She is so pretty and sexy. I like her eyes,dimples, and the shape of her face. Thanks for sharing. I am a VS shopper :)


    ark Reply:

    @Mhar – yes, she’s almost perfect..

    @Maria – haha, you should tell that to Orlando Bloom!


  5. Maria Says:

    she is very pretty. You have great taste!


  6. Pure acai berry pro Says:

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  7. mia Says:

    wonderful girl
    u r very lucky girl
    keep succes on your mind


  8. ark Says:

    @Pure acai berry pro – thanks. I’ll expect that.


  9. Acai X3 Says:

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.


  10. Sharingi V Says:

    Of course, what a great site and informative posts, I will add backlink – bookmark this site? Regards, Reader.


    ark Reply:

    Yeah sure, no problem. :-)


  11. Acai Berry X3 Says:

    found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later ..


  12. Acai X3 Says:

    I gotta agree. My wife would however love to disagree but wow she is beautiful.


  13. martial arts world Says:

    amazing stuff thanx :)


  14. premium Says:

    OMG! Can’t even put into words how incredible she is!!


    ark Reply:

    Yes, she really is. 😉


  15. ata Says:

    these pictures very beautiful .


    ark Reply:

    Indeed. It’s because the woman pictured is very beautiful too.


  16. Ryan Robbins Says:

    Ah, what a cutie, I addore her.


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  19. Rickie Evey Says:

    Great post! I am sure most people will love this :)

    -Rickie Evey


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