Who is the Real Superman?

Who is the Real Superman?

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This question was posed by suns.com during the 2009 NBA All-Star Weekend at Phoenix to NBA players and fans.

Even Gary Payton, Chris Webber and Ahmad Rashad had a funny argument over this.

For you guys who are in the dark as to how Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard were referenced to Superman, here’s a historical blow-by-blow account.

Shaquille O’Neal, who came into the league during the 1992-93 NBA season is the FIRST Superman.

He has a dominating presence in the basketball court and usually powers his way over hapless opponents for a monster jam.

Shaq dunk 1 Shaq dunk 2

Shaq actually refers to himself as Superman. Such was his passion for anything Superman that he pretty much lived the Man of Steel lifestyle.

For starters, he has a Superman tattoo…

Shaq Superman tattoo

… he also has a Superman Cadillac Escalade…

Shaq Superman Cadillac Escalade 1

Shaq Superman Cadillac Escalade 2 Shaq Superman Cadillac Escalade 3

… has a house with a Superman pool and bed…

Shaq Superman pool Shaq Superman bed

… has a Superman bus…

Shaq Superman bus

… has a Superman movie (he played Steel)…

Shaq Superman Steel

… he also dons the Superman personality whether he is off the court (with his wife Shaunie during a Superman Returns screening)…

Shaq Superman Returns

… or on the court (during player introductions before a Phoenix Suns home game)…

Shaq Superman fly

I think he also has a collection of Superman action figures and statues but couldn’t find a link to it from the internet.

Dwight Howard on the other hand is the NEW Superman. He came into the league during the 2004-05 NBA season. Like Shaq, he as an imposing physical specimen who never shies from delivering thunderous dunks. In fact, he leads the NBA today in dunks. He is also on track in becoming the first player since Ben Wallace during the 2001-02 season to lead the NBA in both rebounds and blocks averages.

Dwight Howard dunk 1 Dwight Howard dunk 2

However, it was his winning dunk at the 2008 NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest that first earned him the Superman moniker.

Dwight Howard Superman dunk

During this year’s NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest, he again took on the Superman persona when he came out of a phone booth wearing a Superman cape…

Dwight Howard Superman phone booth

… and Superman shoes…

Dwight Howard Superman shoes

Unfortunately, he was beaten by Nate Robinson who brought Superman’s weakness, the green kryptonite.

Nate Robinson Kryptonate

Dwight also wore a Man of Steel shoes during the All-Star game.

Dwight Howard Superman shoes

However, he was owned by Shaq on this play.

So, who is the REAL Superman now?

I like both players. They are both funny and likable guys and are both excellent NBA centers. In fact, for my NBA trading cards hobby, I collect them both. I even use the photoshopped image below as my signature for the trading cards online forums I am a member of.

Shaq and DH12 forum

So really, who’s the REAL Superman?

Shaquille O’Neal is the PRESENT Superman. Dwight Howard for the meantime is the FUTURE Superman in-waiting. It will remain that way until Shaq decides to retire and pass the torch to Dwight.

I’ll leave it at that. 😉

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12 Responses to “Who is the Real Superman?”

  1. ferna Says:

    Interesting! I watch NBA occasionally. I’m a fan of the Spurs. But since I don’t really follow the league, I don’t know this stuff.


    ark Reply:

    @ferna – now you do! :-)


  2. doy_kabacan Says:

    Shaq is the Man of Steel para sa akin… marami na rin xang napatunayan… 1 MVP.. 4 rINGS…

    i wonder, pag nasa Orlando pa sya ngayon, makuha nya kaya ang tagumpay nyang ito?

    Howard better think of something——> Shaq moves!! hehehe…


    ark Reply:

    @doy_kabacan – I think gusto nia atang matapos ang career nia sa Orlando eh. Twin towers of Shaq and DH12? Malay mo. Bilog ang bola, hehe..


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  4. bloggista Says:

    Wow, ganda naman ng post na to. Splendid research with matching photos and videos, hehe.

    I have to agree with you that probably, nobody could still replace shaq’s “superman” tag. Dwight is a good choice for a future “superman”, let’s see.


  5. ark Says:

    @bloggista – I did an extensive research before I made this post. Glad that somebody appreciates it. :-)


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  10. Anonymous Says:

    hi are you the real superman


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