Joke Time: A Tale of Two Presidents

Joke Time: A Tale of Two Presidents

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I heard this joke from our parish priest two weeks ago during his sermon.

After Barack Obama’s win at the US Presidential Elections, he immediately called Malacañang.

Barack Obama telephone

Obama: Hello, can I speak with the little lady who has captured the heart of millions?

GMA: Speaking, who’s this please?

Obama: Oh Charice Pempengco! This is US President Barack Obama. Will you sing at my inauguration?

GMA: I’m sorry Mr. President. This is the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Obama: Oops, wrong number!

Harharhar… This kind of reminded me how elusive Obama has been to GMA.

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16 Responses to “Joke Time: A Tale of Two Presidents”

  1. pchi Says:

    the priest has a humor! LOL


  2. miah Says:

    hahahaha… obama don’t like corrupt officials…


  3. vinay Says:

    hahaha lol try another one man. This ain’t funny.


  4. nyl Says:

    haha!nice humor. i like iit!:D


    ark Reply:

    @vinay – you are laughing and yet you find this not funny? Well, I really expect only pinoys to catch the humor behind this joke.. 😉


  5. tin Says:

    hehehe. that was funny.


  6. Downloader Says:

    wawa naman si GMA… text lang nya sana si Barack before sila… hehehe…


  7. Kerslyn Says:

    hahaha….FEELING talaga ni TARAY marami syang fans. ok yan, d sila bati kasi galit si OBAMA sa mga kurakot at trapo. wohoooo


  8. CelebTeenMakeOvers Says:

    I do not get it.

    However, what is funny is that Pres. Obama is Holding the phone the wrong way! LOL



  9. ark Says:

    @CelebTeenMakeOvers – as I have mentioned previously, I really expect only us Filipinos to catch the humor behind this joke.

    Good for you too notice though about how the president held the phone, hehe..


  10. Vlad Says:

    lol. Barack Obama really don’t want to be associated with GMA. He doesn’t want his name to be tarnish because of GMA’s reputation.


  11. Ianemv Says:

    Finally, natawagan na rin si GMA..


  12. ark Says:

    @Ianemv – oo nga eh. May kailangan kasi, hehe..


  13. ricojake Says:

    nice one!


  14. Neila Says:

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