Our Wedding Chronicles: Gifts and Giveaways

Our Wedding Chronicles: Gifts and Giveaways

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NOTE: I’m making a series of blogs narrating the events last year that led to our wedding on December 22, 2007. I’m making this to share to others and for me and my wife to always remember how we became hitched to each other. This is the seventh blog in the series.


In a wedding, giveaways are typically given by the couple to guests at the reception party to serve as a memento of that occasion. Of course, we were not an exception to this. Would you believe that our giveaways were already prepared 3 months before the wedding? That’s how excited we were! We prepared three kinds.

The first kind also served as an invitation. Check out my post about it.

The second kind was given to our ninongs and ninangs and the VIPs. It’s limited to a few people since it’s more expensive. We bought the figurines at Victoria Plaza, Davao City.

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wedding souvenirs 1wedding souvenirs 2

The third kind is a refrigerator magnet/Christmas decor. We have it made at Gaisano Mall, Davao City. It was given to our friends and relatives.

wedding souvenirs 3wedding souvenirs 4

These giveaways were nothing compared to the presence of our guests who attended our wedding. Of course, it was also a good thing that they brought their gifts with them. 😉

As is the Filipino custom, the smallest and largest gifts were presented to us for us to open in front of the crowd. The smallest gift elicited some laughter from the crowd after we opened it and showed to them. It was 2 bottles of Lipovitan, 2 bottles of Lipovitan Ira and 8 Enduranz capsules! The gift was given to us by our office mates at the GEM-2 Program.

The largest gift meanwhile was a 3D microwave oven from my high school batch mates at Notre Dame of Kabacan.

Our wedding’s color motif was green and yellow; I was quite amused when I saw that most of the gifts have either green or yellow ribbon.

The gifts almost filled-up Wendy’s room!

We opened the gifts a week later after we arrived from our little trip at Gen. Santos City and Davao City. We had fun opening and cataloging them. It was really good to schedule your wedding on a December because people typically have more money (because of 13th month pay and bonus) to spend on gifts. People are also more generous because the spirit of Christmas is in the air. That’s a tip for those of you who plan to tie vows. 😉

Thank you to our guests. Your presence (…and your gifts) made our wedding a very memorable event. :-)

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  1. Our Wedding Chronicles: The Reception | Says:

    […] the guests were eating, we went to each table to distribute our giveaways and have pictures taken with […]

  2. analyn Says:

    baka maynatira pa jan na giveaway ark,hingi ako beh…


    ark Reply:

    Wala na ubos na. Tsaka hindi ka naman nagbigay ng gift eh, hehe.. 😀


  3. Marianne Says:

    Wow! A room full of gifts! Your guests are truly generous! :-)


    ark Reply:

    Yes they truly are. It also helped that it was Christmas season when we were wed. People usually have a lot more money during that time. 😉


  4. JM Says:

    Congrats :)


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