How to Create Anagrams

How to Create Anagrams

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What is an ANAGRAM?

As usual, wikipedia provides the answer;

An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once.

Meaning, any word or phrase that exactly reproduces the letters in another order is an anagram.


The letters in the word GARDEN can be rearranged to form the anagram, DANGER.

An anagram can be created manually or by-hand but is too taxing and time-consuming. I searched online for an anagram creator software and the best I could find is the Anagram Genius. You can download a free trial version at their website here.

I immediately toyed with it and naturally entered my full name first.

create anagram

After clicking on the search button, a number of phrases appeared but most are incomprehensible. I weeded out one phrase which stood out.

anagram result

“Halo on a hairy thinker.” I think that pretty much describes me.

I’m hairy because I’m “balbon”, I’m a thinker because I’m an intellectual and I have a halo because I’m an angel. Hehehe… Oops! Wala’ng papalag, blog ko ito!

I tried with other names and these are what I found:

President Gloria Macapagal ArroyoI’m a derogatory or appealing rascal.

Vice-President Noli de CastroVendetta inspires crocodile.

Joseph Ejercito EstradaRejected as a poorish jet.

Do the anagrams match with the personality of those people? Hehehe… I had fun with it. Try it also. 😉

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11 Responses to “How to Create Anagrams”

  1. Milly Says:

    Great tip..sounds fun. Can’t wait to find out what my name spells out!


  2. jan_geronimo Says:

    That’s hilarious. :)

    And this is what the freakin’ thing says about me: “I am an orgies in bog.”

    Well, sounds promising. Can’t complain – not too shabby at all. hahaha


  3. Joy Ball Says:

    This is like texttwist game. I like it.:)


  4. ark Says:

    @Milly – let me know what is yours. :-)

    @jan_geronimo – that’s funny bro. 😉


  5. Ankit Arora Says:

    Reading about Anagrams reminds me about the movie ‘Da vinci code’

    What an artistic movie it was ?

    Do you guys remember there was an anagram in this movie ? Can you recall it ?
    Ok, i ll tell you…

    It was “O, Draconian devil” And remember what it meant ?

    it meant “Leonardo da vinci” !!

    Very well written post here.
    Anagrams are a part of our life. Sometimes they are just for fun but sometimes they have a deep cryptic meaning !!


  6. ark Says:

    @Ankit Arora – Dan Brown actually used the Anagram Genius software to create the anagrams he used in his books.


  7. Ankit Arora Says:

    Oh ! I dint knew that Ark !
    Thanks for info..


  8. ark Says:

    @Ankit Arora – you can actually read that information at AG’s website.


  9. Downloader Says:

    Haha… let me try this kuno. thanks Ark.


  10. ark Says:

    @Downloader – anytime bro.


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