Auto Focus Glass Autograph Collection

Auto Focus Glass Autographs Collection

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These cards are one of the most unique cards in the NBA trading cards hobby because they are not made of the usual cardboard. They’re actually not made of glass either but of hard plastic. They are also very thick just like the Exquisites so storing them is a little harder. They are also very cool to look at because they are transparent and not easily damaged because they’re not made of cardboard.

And the most important thing of all…

… the autographs are on-card! 😀

These cards were first released in 2002-03 UD Glass, followed suit by 2003-04 UD Glass and have been produced by UD Trilogy from 2004-05 to 2006-07 until the last batch was released in 2008-09 UD Radiance.

I still have only 17 cards and hope to add more to them. I only collect those players that are all-stars, superstars or that I like. A dream card from this series would be a Michael Jordan, Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. But considering the hefty price tag for them ($200-$600), I have to win the lottery first before I can acquire one. 😀

Take a look at my Auto Focus glass autographs collection. I will update this whenever I have a new one. Personally, I like most the design of the 04-05 batch.


UPDATE July 15, 2009: Added Dwight Howard 2008-09 UD Radiance Auto Focus Dwight Howard


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7 Responses to “Auto Focus Glass Autographs Collection”

  1. irene Says:

    You have a very nice collection!


    ark Reply:

    Thank you. I still hope to add the rare ones to this collection.


  2. R Hardy Says:

    just found your article while searching about these cards and the auto conditions.
    It seems that some members used cheap pens and that combined with the Acrylic surface would cause the pen ball to slide instead of roll, leaving small gaps in the players names in the fashion or writing. The card you have with the vertical lines seems to be more of either a sliding issue or an issue with how they were handled at signing.

    I have a Jordan and I intend to eBay it as I expect it to get me around 300 even though it shows a price guide value of 600.

    My concern was finding other cards from the series showing the slide effect that my cards have and I was glad to see 2 of yours also had the sliding roller gaps giving me confidence in my explanation to any potential buyer 😉

    Good luck in your hunt and feel free to search it on eBay this week if you won that lottery you were speaking of :)


    ark Reply:

    These autographed glass cards are really condition sensitive because the surface is really not ideal for ink as there’s a tendency that they will smudge. Add to this to the fact that the glass will display streaks as well from handling and storage.

    But I really like the cool look and uniqueness of these cards so I enjoy collecting them.


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  4. Pat Stethem Says:

    I have all the rare ones, including both the auto box topper of Jordan and the auto focus of Jordan. I have all the jersery and combo cards as well. I have full sets of the acrylic cards including autofocus and a bunch of boxtoppers. I’m looking to sell my collection. Let me know what you’re looking for. Can send pics.


  5. Jay Says:

    pre i have 2003-2004 Chris Kaman autofocus rookie card..for selling pero okay din s trade…


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