Barack Obama, Shaquille O'Neal Are My Twitter Followers

Barack Obama and Shaquille O’Neal Are My Twitter Followers

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I have registered on twitter last August 20, 2008 out of curiosity. I have read that it’s one of the fastest growing social networking sites in the world so I registered. But unlike its counterparts like facebok where I can create my profile by writing my favorites or where I studied or even upload my pictures, twitter is so much different.

At my twitter home page, I’m being asked “What are you doing?” What the heck, does it really matter to you if I’m picking my nose right now? Hehehe… And I must write in 140 characters or less. Huh? I don’t understand how telling nobody that you are watching Twilight works. I just went with the flow and posted random comments and links to my blog posts. But I STILL don’t understand how it works as no one seems to really care. No one replies to my tweets.

Then I discovered twitterfeed. By giving my RSS feed URL to it, it automatically creates a tweet of my posts everytime I make a new one.  But still, NO ONE replies to me and I STILL don’t understand all this micro-blogging thing.

Now, almost 7 months later; I’m following 789 twitterers and 505 follow me. In the Philippines, I ranked 32nd in the number of followers according to twitterholic.

Out of those 505 followers, the most famous of them are US President Barack Obama, Shaquille O’Neal and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wow, those three are actually interested with me and reading my tweets! Harharhar, who am I kidding?! Well, at least even if just in the “virtual world”, I can lay claim that Obama, Shaq and Governator are my buddies.

I REALLY don’t understand twitter but my followers look nice in this mosaic created by twittermosaic.

P.S. I think I should rename this post, “I Don’t Understand Twitter!”


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19 Responses to “Barack Obama and Shaquille O’Neal Are My Twitter Followers”

  1. jan_geronimo Says:

    That’s a very candid post. I did post something like this in my blog, but I kept silent about total clueless adoption of this social media, hoping nobody notices. Hahaha. Maybe nobody does. I’m learning a little every day as I go along.

    It helps to broadcast your posts to the world or twitterverse as it’s called.

    It used to be I just go around commenting on my fave blogs. Now, my work is doubled. I feel the compelling need to twit about posts I particularly like, hoping of course for good karma. You know, reciprocity.

    I’ve read a post in Newsweek that it’s really Shaq that updates his tweets. Unlike some celebrities who employ hired hands. So where’s Shaq. Gotta follow this authentic guy. :)


  2. Patricia Says:

    You are following Obama or he is following you? Interesting!


  3. nyl Says:

    “What the heck, does it really matter to you if I’m picking my nose right now?”..this one made me laugh.haha!

    witty post!:)


  4. ark Says:

    @jan_geronimo – somehow, twitter helps me in generating traffic here but really not that much. Twitterers don’t mind me. :-( Yes, that’s true about Shaq. Sometimes, I think that he tweets much that’s why his team is in danger of not making the playoffs this season.

    @Patricia – the title of this post will answer your question, hehe..

    @nyl – thanks for really reading.. 😉


  5. abigail Says:

    bakit tinatakpan ng google ads ang post mo? di tuloy mabasa buong entry/first two paragraphs.


  6. andrewtorres Says:

    You should join plurk instead. :)


  7. ark Says:

    @abigail – hmmm, ganun ba? Ok naman sa akin ah. Baka nagloloko lang.

    @andrewtorres – sir avel actually invited me already. Maybe later, try ko rin.


  8. Errant Says:

    that’s so sweet .. i believe i must give it a try !


  9. bena Says:

    twitter is really confusing so as facebook! hehehe..


  10. michele Says:

    I am so Twitter illiterate! I have an acct. but have NOOOOO idea what I’m doing. I guess I’ll have to figure it out as I go along….hmmm.
    Good luck!
    p.s. love reading your blog!


  11. ark Says:

    @Errant – yes, try it, it might work for you..

    @bena – di ko natry ang facebook eh..

    @michele – thanks for reading, please drop by again..


  12. blued888 Says:

    I consider Twitter as a slow chat module, there are certain topics which you can contribute to but you have to watch closely.

    Most other people are just giving out links to free tools and sometimes about important stuff, these are the ones with the most followers.

    It’s definitely a good tool if you’re a public figure and you want to give people a look into your daily routines.


  13. ark Says:

    @blued888 – thanks for the insight. You’re right that this is good for public figures. Obama has benefited a lot from it during his campaign trail.


  14. WiccanWonder Says:

    Hahaha. This post is hilarious! What’s your twitter nickname? I’ll be another follower.


  15. ark Says:

    @WiccanWonder – I’m worryfree. Check me out.


  16. PC Game Trek Says:

    LOL this is good tell me your id and get another follower BTW I have 700 followers!:)
    Or just find me on twitter


  17. ark Says:

    @PC Game Trek – I already followed you man.


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  19. How to Get Traffic From Twitter | Says:

    […] have been a member of twitter since August 20, 2008 and honestly, I don’t really understand how twitter works and no idea on how to tap its power to benefit my site. I just tweeted links from my site hoping […]

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