An Afternoon of Near Road Mishap | Part II

An Afternoon of Near Road Mishap | Part II

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We nearly met a fatal vehicular accident today.


We were on our way to Lebak, Sultan Kudarat to visit schools for possible inclusion into our assistance programs when at around 4:30 PM, as we were approaching a blind curve; a weapon-type cargo truck that was traveling very fast and out of its right way seemed to appear out of nowhere coming towards us head-on. Our driver Romeo quickly reacted by veering hard to our right side. A collision with the truck was prevented but our vehicle skidded along the graveled road until we hit the metal railing by the roadside.

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The truck who nearly hit us didn’t stop even when we were saddled in the railings. Fortunately, we got its license plate number from a teacher in the nearby Brgy. Basak where we came from. We called him to watch out for that incoming truck headed towards their place and get its plate number.

Luckily, the damage to our vehicle was minimal. And what’s more important is that nothing untoward happened to us.

The metal railing saved us because if it were not there, we could have shot straight to the irrigation canal. Who knows what might have happened to us then?

The incident happened at Brgy. Pansud, Lebak. We filed a police blotter at Brgy. Poblacion. Afterwards, I and Lyndon were KIDDING Romeo that maybe the place doesn’t want him to be coming there. After all, he has been longing for so long to go there and today was his very first time.

He responded by SERIOUSLY telling us that we met an accident because he forgot his talisman at home. Yeah, right. 😀

NOTE: This post was titled with Part II because a near road mishap also happened to us last year. Please read my post about it at my old site.

An Afternoon of Near Road Mishap


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4 Responses to “An Afternoon of Near Road Mishap | Part II”

  1. Ianemv Says:

    Musta naman lagay niyo? This serve as your incident report hehhe..


  2. ark Says:

    @Ianemv – wala namang damage sa amin, ung sasakyan lang. Inemail ko na kagabi before ko ginawa ito, hehe..


  3. bloggista Says:

    Aw, mukhang wala ata seminar yung driver ng truck ano. Hehe. Just by looking at the road condition – I can’t imagine why a big truck would sped up like a mad driver in a curved road.

    Good thing you’re safe. Its a miracle. :-)


  4. ark Says:

    @bloggista – grabe nga talaga ung mga drivers sa lugar na un. Porke malaki ung sasakyan nila, akala na nila eh sila ang may-ari ng sasakyan.


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