Shaq Oddball and Promo Cards

Shaquille O’Neal Oddball and Promo Cards

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In the NBA trading cards hobby, a player collection is incomplete without oddball and promo cards. These are cards not typically released mainstream by card companies. Some are produced by card companies who have no NBA license. Others are inserted into magazines. Various ones are released as promo giveaways along with  certain products like cereals, crackers and hotdogs (yes, you read that last one right). There are even which also double-up as phone cards.

I virtually collect all kinds of Shaquille O’Neal (the ORIGINAL Superman) trading cards. I have more than 1,000 DIFFERENT Shaq cards including the oddball and promo ones.  I also collect trading cards of Dwight Howard (the NEW Superman) but only his autographed ones, rookie cards and jersey/patch cards.

Most of these oddball and promo cards have no values listed at price guides like Beckett. In a way, some of these cards are rarer and harder to find than their mainstream counterparts. The action photos are also cooler. Where else can you see Shaq bringing down with him a backboard but in one? You can spot it from one of the cards pictured below.

Shaq oddball trading cards 1

Shaq oddball trading cards 2

Shaq oddball trading cards 3

Shaq oddball trading cards 4


Shaq gold trading cards


Shaq phone cards

You might notice that Shaq is pictured in his Orlando Magic uniform in most of these cards. It’s just that during the early 90s, there are just so many card companies flying around producing these type of cards. It is also an era where a print run of 10,000 copies of a certain card already qualifies as LIMITED.


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22 Responses to “Shaquille O’Neal Oddball and Promo Cards”

  1. richard Says:

    penge naman nyan.. ehehhe


    rick Reply:

    i have some of the same promo cards plus some you do not are you wanting to buy any?


  2. ark Says:

    @richard – magkapitbahay lang naman tayo, pasyal ka sa kabacan, bigyan kita ng mga doubles ko, hehe..


  3. Dr.Bruce Says:

    You have 1000 Shaq cards?! I collected baseball cards for a bit and have kept some of the more valuable ones. I even have some of the best comic books from the 1970’s. Wolverine #1 is my best.


  4. ark Says:

    @Dr.Bruce – yes and counting. I hope to acquire as many as I can. Shaq is a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer and his cards will become more valuable as time passes by.

    Wow, you got Wolverine #1 huh? That’s really a collector’s item and you could sell that for a fortune already.


  5. Dysfulsiffurb Says:

    great domain name for blog like this)))


  6. richard Says:

    sure! sige po.. after my board exam.. pasyal ako sa kabacan…


    ark Reply:

    If you’ll pass your nursing board exam bro, papaLBC ko sa u ung mga dobleng shaq ko ok? Kaya good luck na lang.


  7. Lonnie Says:

    I have a Black Background with Gold foil trim on left and top of card saying” All star rookie
    ” across the top with shaq’s name on left. on the right side of card it says one of 25000. There is no manufactor name on it and can’t find a listing for it anywhere, it’s from a 6 card promo set card 3 of 6, i am looking for a rough est of wat the value is, not wanting to sell just wanting to know. anyone able to help?


    ark Reply:

    Oddball/promo cards are usually unpriced due to their nature. Them being not produced by a major card manufaturer and all. So I can’t really give an exact price but it could be estimated at $1-$5 since a 25,000 print run is not really scarce at all.


    scott Reply:

    i have the same card and am wondering the same thing


  8. Michele Says:

    Hey i have the first card on the left, sixth row down. It just says Shaq on the front with the signature. the back says “one of 15,000”. Do you think its worth any money?


    ark Reply:

    Not much really. Oddball cards rarely hold any value at all.


  9. teri Says:

    I have a Shaq card which is a portrait of him with gold foil around the card Says: Rookie of the Year 92-93 on the back along with his STATS from Sports Stars USA. Would you be interested?


  10. Josh Says:

    I have the SHAQ ATTACK one of 25,000 card. In which you have a picture of the card its GOLD. Can you tell me anything about it? thanks.


  11. tom hall Says:

    i have shaq gold card its in very good shape looks like the one you have on back its got college totals team lsu bottem of card limited edition prmo card 2of 6 im willing to sell it if your interested


  12. JR Says:

    I have the whole set (1 – 6) if someone is interested.


  13. David Says:

    I have the Shaq attack one 3rd row from the top the one in the middle. It has him in his LSU jersey. Any value for this one?


  14. Alex Says:

    I have an old Shaq card that I found outside a flea market years ago and I was wondering if you have any idea what it is worth. It is almost identical to the card in the third row, second column in the first group of cards, except the font is different, and my card is from a run or 10,000 by All Star Sports Cards of Florida


  15. kevin Says:

    Is the one of 25,000 Shaw attack card of any real value?


  16. cody anderson Says:

    i have a shaquille oneal card i cant find any info on it no ones never seen it is on a plaque in a case is says promo number one has all info on back about him it says on front 1 draft pick in gold letters


  17. carla hough Says:

    i have the shaquille o’neal 1994 23 karat gold usa #13 that you have pictured. Can you tell me what that card has been selling for? I went to LSU with Shaq and i was a super collector for many years. Now i am looking to start selling most of the items. Do you have any ideas of the best way to get rid of the bulk of the collection.


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