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My New Tools of the Trade

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The organization where I work for has a program that provides assistance to schools in the ARMM and CAAM (conflict-affected areas of Mindanao) by providing them internet connection, computer units and computer-related trainings and seminars. I am one of the technical persons assigned in the field to oversee the operation. We render to the recipients our services like local area network (wired and wireless) installation and computer repairs. Hence, it is very important that we have all the things we need to perform our work more efficiently.

Last Monday, I was surprised when I arrived at the office to see a box enclosed in a wooden crate waiting for me. I immediately asked Jared for the hammer and when I opened it, I was happy to find out that inside are the NEW tools, gadgets and devices we have requested. It was good timing as my crimping tool was recently broken. Some of my OLD tools are already rusty and blunt.

These are my new tools of the trade:

tool kit tool kit

tool kit (screwdrivers, soldering rod, desoldering pump, wrench, anti-static brush, pliers, wire cutter, etc.)

crimping tool

crimping tool, CD wallet and cable ties

dvd writer

DVD writer with metal enclosure – for burning installers and backup files to CD/DVD

lan card

PCI LAN cards – for wired networking


8-port Ethernet switch – for wired networking


wireless-G router – for wireless networking

printer printer

colored printer (this arrived earlier) – for immediate printing needs

We have also requested for a digital multi tester, RJ45 connectors, gun tacker and cable tester but they have not arrived yet. It sure feels good and inspired to work when you have the entire essential tools you need to carry out your duties and responsibilities. 😉


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9 Responses to “My New Tools of the Trade”

  1. Ianemv Says:

    okay ah..and btw, your toolbox and staple gun arrived the other day.


  2. ark Says:

    @Ianemv – wow, ayos un! Ung makeup kit kaya, kailan ang dating?


  3. Kerslyn Says:

    hahaha…make-up kit? baka k Wendy yun Khe! :-)


  4. ark Says:

    @Kerslyn – hehehe, inside joke kasi naming mga technical persons un eh.


  5. Dr.Bruce Says:

    Finding the right tools is essential to getting a job done right. Network technicians have some of the most specialized tools. Congrats on your new toolkit.


  6. ark Says:

    @Dr.Bruce – I can’t work efficiently without these tools. Thanks for the visit.


  7. vishal Says:

    Wow , so many tools. You sure must need them badly


  8. Webbielady Says:

    Your office rocks! But in the end, it will also benefit them as you would work faster which means efficiency and in the long run, the fee per hour is actually lesser as you would have achieved greater results given the same time as you use the new tools. ^^


  9. ark Says:

    @vishal – yes of course, I can’t live without them. LOL!

    @Webbielady – amen to that!


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