How to Make $1,000 a Day in Google Adsense

How to Make $1000 a Day in Google Adsense

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There are many ways to make money online. Personally, I integrate Google adsense ads in my web site to earn some cash. After earning $863.41 yesterday, I finally hit the thousand-dollar mark today! $1,002.74 to be exact. Here’s a screen shot:

$1000 day google adsense screenshot

Do you want to know how I managed to earn such an amount?

Well, sorry to disappoint you but this happens only in my dreams. It also happens that today is April Fool’s Day!

The screenshot was created using the Google Adsense Generator.

Ok, I’m going to sleep now. I still have to count my heaps of money. 😉

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36 Responses to “How to Make $1000 a Day in Google Adsense”

  1. Cyril Pauya Says:

    Hahaha Happy April Fool’s Day! :)


  2. PC Game Trek Says:

    Wow thats unbeliavable!
    I was happy when I reached 10 dollars a day a few weeks ago! What are you talking about 1000!!!
    Great site great information of all kind, thanks a lot.


  3. Niema Says:

    Hahaha april fools day,I just think how come u can get 1000 a day since 10 dollars a day still a dream for me 😀


  4. ianemv Says:

    I was about to believe..hahahah.,,

    Happy April Fool’ day


  5. Rocks Says:

    haha! You got me there :) I wa s like whaaat???he will be a millionaire.hehe!

    thanks for the good laugh :)


  6. abigail Says:

    toink, nagcompute pa ako kung mgkano yan, roughly 4k pesos. magblog na rin sana ako wahaha. Speaking of April Fool’s, natawa ang expat sa April Fool’s joke ko today, harhar.


  7. Cindy Says:

    Gee, i almost believe, you got me! Anyway, please help both of us to achieve this dream. I’ve clicked on your ad


  8. sandi Says:

    hahaha this was really good. You had me curious at first…and then of course you got me. Probably the best April Fool’s on any blog I’ve seen yet. :)


  9. Bret Says:

    That was horrible! Ugh you are evil.

    It was hilarious, but horrible. Got me all excited thinking there might be some trick I don’t know about!

    Happy April Fools!


  10. Celebrity Gossip Says:

    It is alway nice to have Dreams :)

    Happy Aprils Fools Day! When you do Start Earning $1000 a day can I get a small loan. LOL



  11. wildcherry Says:

    LOL! You got me! Good one for April fools Day joke.


  12. umeko Says:

    was about to believe..hahahahaha…

    Happy April Fool’ day


  13. VisionTwo Says:

    Hahahaha… april fools day


  14. bunda azka Says:

    I was about to believe..hahahah.,,

    Happy April Fool’ day


  15. Kerslyn Says:

    wahahaha!!!! Happy April fool’s day Khe! nadali mo ako dun ha. na-excite gud ako kasi yung adsense ko mas mabagal pa sa pagong ang usad ng earnings. more than a year na sya pero d pa rin ako nakaka-withdraw ng aking earnings. :-)


  16. Liane Says:

    I’ve seen a lot of posts like these, but each one never failed to make me smile. Yes, happy April fools day too! I’m still dreaming though of making that screenshot come true.


  17. vishal Says:

    Alright, you got me. IS this was how people put in their blog of proof how they earned


  18. Angie R Says:

    Hahahaha….you caught me on this one! You’re good! So far, I only got an earning of USD$10 from Google. I really would like to know how blogger can earn USD$1000! LOL :-) Happy belated April Fool!!!


  19. ark Says:

    Harharhar… I fooled a lot! I’m soooo happy, hehehe…


  20. aleeya Says:

    mm if it is 100 usd than it would be logical.

    1k perday is totally outarageus, even shoe money make hundred perday u know


  21. Webbielady Says:

    I think that still can be achieved but requires a great deal of time, effort and investment. I mean, well, I just think it can be achieved but not easily.

    It’s a great catchy title, only if one reads till the end it would make sense. ^^


  22. Rags Says:

    U got me thr…lol…good one 😀


  23. Winziph Says:

    gising na kuya ark hahaha makatulog nga din baka sakaling magkaganyan din ako hahaha nice idea. ^__^


  24. Anna Says:

    Ha,ha,ha,ha! You got me on that one!


  25. vhincent Says:

    lol, kala ko was going to learn a super secret thingy on how to generate that amount! hahahaha


  26. Miah Says:

    wahahahaha… naatik ko dah! siga man daun akoang mata kadlawong dako.. waahahahaha…


  27. carol Says:

    Bwhahaha! Naloko ako dun ah! 😆


  28. Louis Says:

    Grabe, kelan kaya matutupad ang mga panaginip natin? LOL.


  29. ark Says:

    @aleeya – earning $1k/day is possible for sites with 1M+ visitors/day.

    @Webbielady – catchy indeed. Caught you eh?

    @Winziph – sarap pa matulog eh, hehe..

    @Louis – ewan ko, sa panaginip na lang talaga siguro, hehe..


  30. bena Says:

    you got me! hahahaha! pasaway ka! vi-a-v! 😉


  31. L. Williams Says:

    Do you outsource your graphic work for your website? I like them and would be interested in knowing who did yours!


  32. Google Money Review Says:

    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing


  33. The Ska Says:

    Great post you have here. LOL


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