Durian Delight at Magsaysay Park

Durian Delight at Magsaysay Park, Davao City

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Davao City is the “City of Durian”. There is an annual festival held at the city called the Kadayawan Festival which features the durian. There’s even a durian sculpture that will greet you once you arrived at the city via its international airport.

durian sculpture

I was at Davao City since Monday to attend a series of team meetings. At around 9:00 PM last night, Charlie, John and I went out of the We Are Inn Hotel (where we stayed) craving for something to eat. As it is the beginning of the durian season in the city, we decided to go to Magsaysay Park, the durian haven of Davao City.

Magsaysay Park is located besides the Sta. Ana Wharf along the corners of Magsaysay Avenue (Uyanguren) and Quezon Boulevard. Outside the park are numerous fruit stalls that sell pomelos, mangosteen, marang and of course… durian!


Durian for those in the dark is a fruit native to Southeast Asia. It is known as the “King of Fruits”. It is famous (or notorious) for the strong and penetrating odor it emits. Its flesh though is custard-like, sweet and creamy. Because of these characteristics, it is often described as “smells like hell, tastes like heaven”.

After arriving at the place, Charlie, John and I went to one of the stalls and inquired which variety is best. There are different durian varieties like native, Arancillo, Puyat, Chanee, Monthong and countless others. I remembered Lyndon saying earlier in the day that Kob is the best variety so we tried it. We picked one  weighing around 2.5 kilos. It costs P50/kilo.

durian at magsaysay park

And true to what Lyndon said, Kob is really good. The flesh is firm and not squshy and tastes sweet. The seeds are also small.

durian at magsaysay park

Before we went home, we posed in front of the stall for posterity sake.

durian at magsaysay park

We waited for the jeepney near this Chinatown arc just in front of the park.

chinatown arc chinatown arc

After arriving at the hotel, the first thing I did was brush my teeth. Even after doing so, the smell of durian still lingers in my breath. Oh well, it’s fortunate that I don’t have to kiss somebody that night, hehehe…


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5 Responses to “Durian Delight at Magsaysay Park, Davao City”

  1. Faith and Facts Says:

    I have always wanted to visit in Southeast Asia. Davao City looks wonderful place so see and this fruit looks amazing. Hope get there someday.


  2. ark Says:

    @Faith and Facts – good luck on that. You’ll find out that it’s worth your while to visit here.


  3. Jocelyn Says:

    I was been in Davao when I was a kid. It is one of the most wonderful places I’ve ever been. And they have lot of fruits. I still remember when my friends and I went out in the field to get little berries. I forgot what’s the name of berries. It was tasty and a little bit sour. And now, I’m missing Davao. I wish to go back there.


  4. dee Fernandez Says:

    ehy! thanks for uploading these pics. you`ve captured my man`s back.[ ex boyfriend ] whaaa… 😀 miss him like hell.. and its really good to see him even if he`s not facing front. :[ btw davao is a very nice place .. i wish i could live again there. i wish i could turn back time. ;[ i miss my baby damn much. :(


    ark Reply:

    Huh? You must really love that man that you can memorize even his back huh?


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