Our Wedding Chronicles: Wedding Portrait

Our Wedding Chronicles: Wedding Portrait

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NOTE: I’m making a series of blogs narrating the events last year that led to our wedding on December 22, 2007. I’m making this to share to others and for me and my wife to always remember how we became hitched to each other. This is the ninth blog in the series.


To capture the moments of the most wonderful day of our lives, we hired the services of Rey Rellon Studio of Davao City. The three photographers/videographers they sent were all experts and really know what they are doing.  The pictures they took during the pre-wedding preparations, at the wedding and at the reception were all wonderful and terrific.

As part of the package, the studio also made us this wedding portrait of ours. Sorry for the glare at the middle portion. I don’t have the best of angles when I took this shot.

wedding portrait

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4 Responses to “Our Wedding Chronicles: Wedding Portrait”

  1. Downloader Says:

    Ang ganda naman… professional talaga ang mga photographers mo. Sana ganyan din pagkinasal na ako. wahehe…Kelan pa kaya..


  2. ark Says:

    @Downloader – invite mo ako bro ok?


  3. kat822 Says:

    Love the pics! you were a beautiful bride!!!!


  4. ark Says:

    @kat822 – yes, my wife surely is.


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