Izabella Miko | The Russian Tease

Izabella Miko | The Russian Tease

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I was in my fourth year of studying Computer Engineering at UIC, Davao City when I saw this film, Coyote Ugly.


The film is about an aspiring songwriter who lands a part time job as a bartender in a bar named Coyote Ugly (of course). This is no ordinary bar though as the bartenders are hot babes serving drinks while dancing to a rowdy crowd of men. I think the movie was the inspiration for the now defunct Danny’s Bar along Ponciano St.

One of the hotties from the film is a girl aptly nicknamed “The Russian Tease”, Izabella Miko.

Izabella Miko portrait

She’s not really a Russian but a Polish. Yes, she was born in Poland. Coyote Ugly was her first major US movie. The film also starred Tyra Banks (former Victoria’s Secret Angel and host of America’s Next Top Model).

Coyote Ugly poster Izabella Miko Maxim

Save the Last Dance 2 was the last film I saw where Izabella Miko was in. She played the starring role. In  real life, she is a ballerina and the role fitted her perfectly.

As a testosterone-filled young adult, I was so awestruck with her that I wrote her a letter saying that I’m her greatest fan from the Philippines. Hahaha, does that sound too cliché? Well, imagine my surprise when she replied and sent me this photo.

Izabella Miko autograph

Cool eh? Here’s the back.

Izabella Miko autograph back

Maybe I should write Miranda Kerr too and see if she replies. Nah, I’m too old already for that kind of stuff. 😉

Here are more pictures of Izabella Miko.

Izabella Miko 1

Izabella Miko 2

She really is a tease, isn’t she?


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5 Responses to “Izabella Miko | The Russian Tease”

  1. Dorothy Stahlnecker Says:

    She is stunning…


  2. ark Says:

    @Dorothy Stahlnecker – yes, she really is. 😉


  3. pchi Says:


    she was really nice to write you back ^__^

    was not familiar with her until today. she’s very pretty


  4. ark Says:

    @pchi – seldom will personalities like her respond to fans. She was really nice.


  5. gorg Says:

    i need sex film hot hot


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