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A Different Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

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I have long been fascinated with Easter eggs. No, I’m not talking about the ovoid, shiny, decorated, different-colored objects apparently hidden by the Easter Bunny for kids to hunt down during Easter Sunday morning. What I’m referring to are those hidden message, in-joke or feature in an object such as a movie, video game, or computer program. They are the “virtual” Easter eggs.

To better understand what I’m talking about, type this in the address bar of your Mozilla Firefox browser: about:mozilla. The message that appears is an Easter egg. It might differ depending on the version you are using. Mammon refers to those Internet Explorer users. Here’s another one; go to Yahoo’s website. Click on the dot in the exclamation point. You must have a speaker to hear the yodel.

Yahoo! easter egg

Cool huh? Continue reading for more eggs.

Easter Eggs in Computer Software

Adobe Photoshop 7.0: Hold down Ctrl. Go to Help > About Photoshop. This alternate image appears.

Photoshop easter egg

WinAmp: Choose the Modern skin. Stretch the Main Window until the beat analyzer appears. Hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift and click the center of the beat analyzer. Play a song. Enjoy!

Winamp easter egg

Go to Help > About Winamp. Hold down Ctrl. Double click on the llama. Now try to hold down Shift instead of Ctrl. What do you see?

Microsoft Word 2003: Open a new document. Type =rand(200,99). It’s very taxing to type all of that by yourself eh? Hehe.. You can also change the mouse pointer by holding down Ctrl + Alt + + (yes, the plus button).

Easter Eggs in Movies

Fight Club: As you play the CD/DVD, an FBI message appears followed by an Attention message. No one really bothers to read them but if you do, the Warning message is freaky.

Fight Club easter egg

The Lion King: In the movie, when Simba is on a cliff, the dust forms the word S*X. And you thought the movie was for kids huh?

Lion King easter egg

The Italian Job: You can see Spiderman twice in the movie. The first time is before the team is going to blow up a street, Spidey is seen talking to some people in the sidewalk. Then, when the bomb goes off, he is seen running with the people. Well, even superheroes can be scared sometimes. πŸ˜€

Italian Job Spiderman easter egg

Stan Lee cameos: The creator of The X-Men and other Marvel superheroes can be seen in some of the movie renditions of his comic books. Most notable appearances were in X-Men, Spiderman, Daredevil, Hulk, Fantastic Four and Iron Man.

Easter Eggs in Video Games

WarCraft III: The game has some of the coolest Easter eggs I have ever seen in a video game. In various stages of the game, you can see a Hydralisk, a Panda and pirates. There are even two peasants named Tyler and Robert from the movie Fight Club.

If you click on the critters repeatedly, they will go “Kaboom!” like a nuclear bomb. Much cooler actually than in the original Warcraft and Starcraft.

If you click on the characters repeatedly, they get annoyed and will say funny or angry phrases.

There’s also a very funny ending credits where you can see a rock concert, a football game and then marines battling some zergs and protoss.

Counter-Strike: Some of the maps have secret rooms most of which can be seen when you are dead and in spectator mode. Can you tell me what maps these images are in? (Images courtesy of CS-Nation).

Counter-Strike easter egg 1 Counter-Strike easter egg 2

Counter-Strike easter egg 3 Counter-Strike easter egg 4

Solitaire: To win instantly, hold down Shift + Alt + 2.

Easter Eggs in Music

These type of Easter eggs usually appears as hidden or bonus tracks. Backmasking certain songs can also contain some hidden messages which sound like some demon speaking. There are also some Easter eggs hidden in album covers. I can’t find one worth mentioning. Please share here if you find an interesting one.

Easter Eggs in Web Sites

Google: Try to enter these web pages to know how cool people from Google are.


Google also has a mirror web site, you can go there by entering the search term elgooG. That’s the word Google backwards. Go to the first site that appeared.

Google even provided an Easter-themed game for us here.

There are still countless Easter eggs waiting out there for you to hunt somewhere. If you hunted one, please share them here ok?

Happy Easter Sunday everybody!

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23 Responses to “A Different Kind of Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. Going2Oahu Says:

    lol – the yodel was funny on the yahoo website. I didn’t know about that one so thanks. My teacher in high school showed us the word s*x in the lion king video – we were shocked (not really). Thanks for the easter eggs :-)


  2. Gem Says:

    Interesting elgooG.. It’s my first time I’ve heard about it.

    I’ve often encountered Easter eggs in older software but it looks like this practice by the programmer has been abandoned. I guess it was a fad among the developers – a neat trick to challenge their users.


  3. ark Says:

    @Going2Oahu – the word S*X in The Lion King movie actually appeared various times in the film. Of course, Disney executives are quick to deny them. Some said that it looks like SFX.


  4. ark Says:

    @Gem – that’s true. Microsoft programmers actually embed them in many MS programs prior to Windows XP. But they’re now forbidden to do it or else, they will incur Gate’s wrath!


  5. PC Game Trek Says:

    Hey I did not know even those Easter Egg s existed! Very interesting, thanks for sharing.


  6. ark Says:

    @PC Game Trek – I’m glad you found them interesting.


  7. iceah Says:

    tried the yahoo it was fun c:


  8. ianemv Says:

    nice post ark..tried in Photoshop CS2, ang about screen is space monkey hehe. Very interesting talaga.


  9. jan geronimo Says:

    Interesting factoids for my non-geeky ears. Highly entertaining. I don’t know developers and programmers are this playful and creative. Well, here’s to the joy of learning something new every day. Lovely.


  10. ark Says:

    @iceah – it’s fun really. πŸ˜‰

    @ianemv – discover ka pa ng iba, I’m sure marami pa.

    @jan geronimo – glad you liked it, thanks for the visit.


  11. vishal Says:

    I have not known about it before. Funny


    ark Reply:

    I’m glad I have taught you a new thing. :-)


  12. Arlene Brown Says:

    Hey ark galing galing nman may sarili k ng domain….Proud to have a friend like you and mareng wendy..God bless to both of you cheers for the coming baby and my inaanak!


    ark Reply:

    Nakakatouch ka naman, hehe.. Good luck sa iyo. Regards to William. Gawa na rin kayo agad ng baby, hehe.. πŸ˜‰


  13. Computer Juice Forums Says:

    Great post! This is why I love blogging. Always something interesting to read, watch and enjoy. It keeps the mind active. Thanks, Amy x.


    ark Reply:

    Please drop by here often. I have more tricks up my sleeve. πŸ˜‰


  14. Resveratrol Pro Says:

    Thank you for your help!


    ark Reply:

    Help from what? If this post had somehow helped you, I’m glad it did.


  15. johnny Says:

    google has launched its fancy search



  16. meera Says:

    Hi there, this is a cool post. πŸ˜‰


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  18. Nonoy Says:

    How did u know all of this Ark? thanks!


    ark Reply:

    It’s all over the internet. I just compiled those which I experienced myself.


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