Our Wedding Chronicles: Box Frame

Our Wedding Chronicles: Box Frame

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NOTE: I’m making a series of blogs narrating the events last year that led to our wedding on December 22, 2007. I’m making this to share to others and for me and my wife to always remember how we became hitched to each other. This is the tenth blog in the series.


Our wedding was the most wonderful event that happened between me and Wendy. Aside from making this Our Wedding Chronicles series, we have items that will remind us of that special day and show to our future kids. One is the box frame. It measures 3′ x 4′.

The box frame contains items that we used during the wedding ceremony and at the reception like…

…the cake topper (abstract figure of a couple), the giveaways (ref magnets), the arrhae and the corsage worn by our ninongs/ninangs…

…the invitations (CD and formal), the liturgy, the cake topper (glass heart) and the pen used for the guest book…

…the wine bottle, the wine glasses, the giveaways (figurines) and the pair of gloves…

We ordered the wine at Crafter’s Haven, Davao City. It was customized according to what we want it to be.

Having all of these items boxed and put in a frame cost us P2,600. Pyl Green Frames of Davao City really made a good job in making this.

Coming next: The Signature Frame.

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7 Responses to “Our Wedding Chronicles: Box Frame”

  1. vishal Says:

    you have a huge collection of your wedding chronicles.


    ark Reply:

    It’s not yet finished. Please come back again to read more of my future posts in the series.


  2. analyn Says:

    ganyan din papagawa ko pag kinasal ako…. kaya lang wala mang magkamali. waaaaaah! hanapan mo ako ark….


    ark Reply:

    Haha, may awa din ang diyos. Magdasal ka lang lagi. Joke!


    analyn Reply:

    tarantado ka! sympre oo naman,hihihi….


  3. mike Says:

    San sa davao yang crafter’s haven?Cool concept ung bottle e.


    ark Reply:

    Sa may likod ng Gaisano Mall bro. Almost katabi lang ng San Pedro Hospital.


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