Francis Magalona Autographed Freeman Lyric Sheet

My Francis Magalona Autographed Freeman Lyric Sheet

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Today is the 40th day since “Master Rapper” Francis Magalona’s death  from acute myelogenous leukemia last March 6, 2009. As a personal tribute, I’m sharing to you guys the items that he gave me, a lyric sheet of his album “Freeman” and a sticker of a product he endorsed. He even autographed them and wrote me a personal note!

freeman lyric sheet with autograph

I was in third year high school when the album “Freeman” was released in 1995. It was Francis Magalona’s fifth album together with his band Hardware Syndrome and backup singers Evil Stepsisters. I bought a cassette tape and immediately fell in love with the songs. The fusion of rap and rock was seamless in the album. I was also fascinated with the various “samples” and “fillers” used ranging from former president Fidel V. Ramos’ speech to Francis M’s kids talking with each other to Ted Failon introducing Francis M.

freeman album cover

However, I was disappointed because the album sleeve does not contain any lyrics. So I wrote to Francis M asking for a lyric sheet. He replied and I was so overwhelmed when he gave the items a personal touch. That’s how cool he is! Even though he was the “King of Pinoy Rap”, he always reach out to his fans to make them happy.

Here’s the autographed sticker.

francis m rhino sticker

Here’s the complete three-page “Freeman” lyric sheet. Just click on the images to enlarge them.

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freeman lyric sheet page 1 freeman lyric sheet page 2 freeman lyric sheet page 3

To make this personal tribute complete, here’s the playlist of tracks from the “Freeman” album. The album’s most famous song, Kaleidoscope World was played by the Eraserheads during their “Final Set” Reunion Concert which they dedicated to the “Master Rapper”.

  1. Baw-Waw-Waw
  2. Three Stars And A Sun
  3. Bahala Na
  4. Old Man
  5. Pikon
  6. Beam Me Up Scottie / Kimo’s Groove
  7. Funky Monkey
  8. Rasputin Lives
  9. Jolog
  10. Contrapelo
  11. Kabataan Para Sa Kinabukasan
  12. Pen & Ink
  13. Suckin’ On Helium / Kaleidoscope World
  14. Mahiwagang Kamote
  15. Puso Ng Siga
  16. Pektus
  17. Intellectual Property Rights
  18. Blood On The Mud / 2nd Man On The Moon
  19. Contrapelo 2

Rest in Peace Francis M.

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19 Responses to “My Francis Magalona Autographed Freeman Lyric Sheet”

  1. Miah Says:

    wow u still have that pa ha… cool… galing naman, he sends u the lyrics pa.. astig! 😀

    may his soul rest in peace…


  2. ark Says:

    @Miah – ang cool talaga ni Francis M ano?


  3. ianemv Says:

    Okay ark ah..Yan pala sabi mo sa akin. kainggit talaga ng lyric sheet mo. para ka na ring may autograph ni john lennon nyan.

    ” Erase it, replace it but never duplicate it
    ‘Coz intstitutions are boring there’s no substitute for the real thing ” Superproxy 2K6


    ark Reply:

    @ianemv – Save at print mo na lang ung lyric sheet, hehe..


  4. Carol Says:

    Thanks for the bday greetings for Daddy! :-)

    Cool na cool nga pala talaga si Francis! Galing ah.


  5. Menard Says:

    Nice lyric sheet.
    40 days na pala, “pahubad-luksa” yata tawag pag ganun.
    We always include Kiko in our prayers. May his soul may rest in peace.


  6. desperateblogger Says:

    wow! you were such a fan pala! it’s really sad to think that someone like Francis has to leave us so soon. but we know that God has a greater plan why that happened.


  7. ark Says:

    @Carol – cool talaga!

    @Menard – babang-luksa ata tawag dun bro, not sure din.

    @desperateblogger – yes, only God knows why.


  8. abigail Says:

    i knew it, sa 40 days mo gagawan ng entry yang francism memorabilia mo hehe. nway buti hindi inanay yan, unlike ur other stuffs, eow.


  9. Lionheart Says:

    For sure masaya si Master nito!

    Hehe :)


  10. ark Says:

    @abigail – hehe, oo nga eh. Grabe ung mga trivia compilations ko, butas-butas na dahil sa anay.

    @Lionheart – I’m sure bro. Dami nakakaalala sa kanya eh.


  11. tattoo lover Says:

    this shits Way cool!


  12. How To Translate Your Name In Alibata | Says:

    […] Here’s my full name in Alibata. Cool eh? I first realized how cool our ancient script is when the late Francis Magalona used it in his Freeman album. […]

  13. Winziph Says:

    one year na pala ang nakalipas : ) ang bilis.


  14. huhuhu Says:



  15. wiinzziiipppy Says:

    cool 8D


    milo:) Reply:

    that nice pare 😀


  16. snake Says:

    pi nost mo na rin lng to bilang pgbibigay pugay mo sa kanya bakit d mo rin epost ung mga lyrics nya. in fairness answerte mo.


  17. JerickSJ Says:

    Dude pahingi naman ng copy ng lyric sheet mo.


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