2009 NBA Playoffs | Semifinals Game 6 Doubleheader

2009 NBA Playoffs | Semifinals Game 6 Doubleheader

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The Cleveland Cavaliers with first-time NBA MVP Lebron James at the helm has already advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals since May 12 via a 4-0 sweep of the Atlanta Hawks. The Denver Nuggets on the other hand won Game 5 of their Semifinals encounter with the Dallas Mavericks today to take the series 4-1 and earn the first berth to the Western Conference Finals.


Two other Semifinals series are still underway.

In the Western Conference, the LA Lakers currently have the lead 3-2 over the Houston Rockets who is trying to make it even and force Game 7.

The same goes in the Eastern Conference with the Orlando Magic trying to survive against the defending champions Boston Celtics.

Game 6 for both series will be played on May 14, Thursday (tomorrow, Friday here in the Philippines). It will be featured as a doubleheader on ESPN.

They should be exciting as they are do-or-die games for both the Rockets and the Magic. Unfortunately, I can’t watch the games LIVE since I’m still facilitating my series of trainings this summer. Too bad. :-(


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