The Hayden Kho Scandal Video Vault

The Hayden Kho Scandal Video Vault

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If you’ll notice, I’m not using the word S*X in the title of this post. Well, you are not in a porn site so I don’t want to be identified with that word. 😉

Anyway, the hottest thing nowadays is the collection of s*x videos by Hayden Kho with various women. These are not “alleged” videos anymore because they have already surfaced and were proven REAL. They are already circulating in many file-sharing web sites. As a testament to the Pinoy ingenuity, just hours after the videos first turned up yesterday,  pirated CD/DVD vendors are already hawking them to the public. This was also what happened a mere 2 hours after the Pacquiao vs Hatton fight.

I have already seen the videos last night. No, not the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili sexy dance videos to the tune of Careless Whisper and Beautiful Girls but the “actual” s*x videos. And mind you, there are three videos.

Katrina Halili

The first one is with Katrina Halili. She can actually deny that she is the girl in it because the room where the act was held was dark so you really can’t see Katrina’s face clearly. But well, she admitted to it and now she’s suffering the consequences.

The second video is with Maricar Reyes. She is a commercial model for Pond’s and Modess and a TV actress for “I Love Betty La Fea”.

This time though, it’s very clear that she is the girl in it as the room was well-lit. Their acts can also be seen clearly.

Maricar Reyes

The third video is with a still unnamed woman just referred to as “Brazilian model”. It seems that the act was done at the same room where the second video was taken.

All these girls don’t know that there’s a hidden camera capturing their intimate moments with the man they have trusted. They don’t know that they fell prey to the pervert that is Hayden Kho. Allegedly, there are still 40 unreleased s*x videos from Hayden’s vault which includes comedian Rufa Mae Quinto, a beauty queen and even Dra. Vicki Belo. Now, I’m not sure if I’ll watch that last one, hehe…

So now, if you’re saying:

“Enough with the stories, where are the f**king videos? I want to see them now!”

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you because I’m telling you again, this is not a porn site so go look somewhere else ok?  And besides, I don’t want to earn Sen. Bong Revilla’s brunt once his Senate Bill Number 12 punishing internet voyeurs will be passed.

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49 Responses to “The Hayden Kho Scandal Video Vault”

  1. bendz Says:

    Everyone profits from other people’s blunders.

    Why don’t they learn, no?

    Hahah. Hope you’re CTR goes higher.

    Wanna see this blog in white background cause I think you have alot of potential, mi amigo.


    ark Reply:

    What do you mean by “white background”? Is my site not appealing because the background is sky blue?


    Omeng Reply:

    can u share the video send it on my email..


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi! I’ve seen the s*x videos, grabe naman si Hayden Kho, and what’s worse kawawa naman yung mga babae…


    ark Reply:

    Kawawa talaga. Grabe nga iyak ni Katrina sa TV eh. Ginusto nia man ung “act”, sympre di nia gusto na marelease ito. Tsaka di nia naman din kasi alam na may hidden cam eh.


  3. miah Says:

    lakas din traffic mo noh? ask ko lang pano mo nilagay ung adsense na link sa post mo mismo?


    ark Reply:

    Yap, nagcrash nga ang website ko kaninang tanghali sa laki ng traffic eh. Kaya nag-upgrade ako kasi naubos ang bandwidth ko for this month.

    Anyway, sa question mo, use Advertising Manager na plugin. Ilagay mo ang GA code mo dun at un ang pwede mo iinsert sa mga posts mo.


  4. miah Says:

    hahaha tlga? wow daghana jud diay uie kay nag crash man jud… ako i dunno kasi now lang ko ka online… ala pang 24 hours since i madea post about the scandal i have reached almost 2k visits na… hahahaha.. lingaw kaau…


    ark Reply:

    This site reached 2.1k visits for this day. Mas kuyaw tong old site nako kay 4.3k visits! Hehe.. Lingaw jud!


  5. poray Says:

    Will you give me a link so I can watch the video? I have been scouring the internet kaso d ko makita eh..I am just curious. You can send it to the email add I used here kung pwed. Thanks.


  6. Louise Says:

    hi, out of curiousity i would also like to check the video…can you also send it to me… thanks


  7. Ben Says:

    Hey Ark, can you also send me the link. Especially the model of Ponds. Kawawa naman yung girl, just starting out with her career then this. tnx


  8. Mojacko Says:

    please, i want also to view it..


  9. eduardo Says:

    Hi! For the sake of curiosity can you please send the video to my email address? Thank you.


  10. Badong Says:

    pareho naman silang may kasalanan. I think they should not focus on Hayden alone. Sabi mo nag ginusto yun ni Katrina, worse, ginawa nila yun habang nasa relationship si Kho.


    ark Reply:

    You are right, but still, si Katrina at ung ibang mga babae pa rin ang biktima dito.


  11. sandra76 Says:

    hi..i wonder if you could help me find this VERY CONTrOVERSIAL VIDEO of hayden with katrina,maricar and the rest.ive seen part of katrinas but i guess its not all..hope you could send me..sakit na gyod akong mata ug pinangita ani!very much appreciated if you would.

    daghang salamat


  12. rhandy Says:

    out of curiosity lang, pa send naman ng video please.. thanks


  13. Mara Says:

    The girls are kawawa but I think the senate has a lot more important things to deal with than this issue. Seriously.

    Anyway, I’m just about to watch the video right now. Ang weird nga cos when my friend PM’d me the link via Facebook, tinanggal. So he had to “improvise” the site URL pa para makita ko. Haha!


    ark Reply:

    Hay naku, alam mo naman ang mga senador namin. Mahilig sumakay sa kung ano ang hot issue kahit wala namang kinalaman sa kalagayan ng bayan natin. Yap, madami ng tinatanggal na links. Ilang beses ko na nga inedit ung post ko eh kasi lagi’ng tinatanggal ang mga videos sa youtube.


  14. Bhing Says:

    I never thought that there’s the “actual” scandal of katrina.. Can you give me the link as well or can you send it to my e-mail? I would like to watch the 3 videos that you mentioned.. Thanks!


  15. Pinoy Webmaster Forum Says:

    nakaka bad3p namn si hayden eh! kawawa namn si IDOL.T.T


  16. jean Says:

    hello mr. ark! for curiosity sake lang, kindly send me also d video please.. daghan kaayo salamat!


  17. james Says:

    hi Ark.
    pa send naman ng video ni hayden with brazilian model and ruffa mae… kung meron ka pang ibang version nung kay katrina pls.. curious lang po… thanks.


  18. Winziph Says:

    tamang tama ung pangalan ni hayden kho, hayden khomera hahahha ^___^


  19. killa Says:

    pa-email nmn po ng vids ung kay katrina halili, maricar reyes at rufa mae quinto. Just curious… thanks po


  20. dahlton Says:

    pls. sent a copy of sex video of katrina halili and hayden

    thank u


  21. Lilia A. Tan Says:

    Dear Ark,

    It was too late for me to browse all internet websites as all links were cut off. Please share the videos that you have, that of Katrina, Maricar, the brazilian girl and whatever you have relative to the scandal. Thank you very very much !!! in anticipation for your reply.



  22. Luminous Says:

    nice blog. i luv the color too. Maybe a change in tha banner. medyo awkward lang ng konti.. hehehe can you pls send me copies of the brazilian, rufa mae,the beauty queen vids. yun na lang d ko pa npapanood. pls pls pls


  23. jiji Says:

    kuya pakishare nung video sakin…plz..send mo sa email ko


  24. elle Says:

    hi poh pwede mo rin ba send sakin und vid ni katrina?? please.. di ko na talaga mahanap.. here.., thank you poh..


  25. lee Says:

    ahhh ala ba ung kay rufa mae tska kay hayden ala ba nun…kung meron pa send namn sa email ko salamat… yan salamat..


  26. meiyah Says:

    hahahaha katawa ko nahimo na kang source sa links…


    ark Reply:

    Mao jud pero bahala na sila mangita. Baka mapreso pa lang ko kay ako gapakalat, hehe.. 😀


  27. Vincent Isles Says:

    Hi Ark,

    Send mo rin sa akin… Never mind :)


  28. Russel Says:

    hi mr.ark…. pede po ba pasend din ng link sa email ko to watch it. gusto ko makita ung video.. thnks a lot. :)


  29. kub3tz Says:

    hello ark

    pwede penge din ako nun vids ni katrina and hayden,.please…

    tnx in advance


  30. Jhoy Says:


    I`ve been searching the net to see their sex video kaso I can`t seem to find it. If you have the link can you please send it to me.



  31. gerald Says:

    ano bha yan


  32. Jaz Says:

    penge naman ng video nila. the sala edition :) please

    tnx :))


  33. pinoyartist Says:

    kupal… lupet nung bago ky maricar solid.. klarong klaro ang pagkakuha…


  34. The Chinese eXample Says:

    Hayden Kho and Edison Cheng both taped their love making and both Chinese.

    Reminds me of the fake singing child during olympics in Beijing..


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  39. kimjohn Says:



  40. kimjohn Says:

    kawawa sikatrina otooto kakasikatrinae bobo
    hindi mo baalam namay nakalagay sa harapan mo na kamera


  41. berna Says:

    never kopang napanuod kahit kaunting scene sa scandal ni maricar and now in a right age…pwede poba ako maka henge ng copy???and after i watch it eerase kona din naman..thank you;)hope you reply!!!


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