Lebron James Buzzer Beater

2009 NBA Playoffs | Lebron James Hits the Game-Winning Buzzer Beater

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After Hedo Torkuglo of the Orlando Magic hit a leaning jumper with 1 second left in the shot-clock to put his team ahead 95-93, I thought “this is it, Cleveland Cavaliers will enter Game 3 down 0-2 in its Eastern Conference Finals series”. After the time-out, Lebron James showed the world why he is the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. He came to work and hit an improbable game-winning buzzer beater behind the three-point line!

Lebron James buzzer beater

The crowd of more than 20,000 immediately rose to their fight and erupted into jubilation while Lebron James run to his team bench and was mobbed.

Lebron James buzzer beater running in court

“We Are All Witnesses” is a slogan used in Lebron James’ commercials with Nike. What a fitting end to the game as I too became a witness to what will go down in NBA history as his own version of “The Shot”. By making it, the Cleveland Cavaliers avoided having to go in a deep 0-2 hole while visiting the Orlando Magic’s Amway Arena for Games 3 and 4.

Here’s “The Shot” again in another angle…

Lebron James The Shot

… or you can watch it here.


Where will amazing happen this year?

It happened in Game 2 of the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Orlando Magic Eastern Conference Finals.

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5 Responses to “2009 NBA Playoffs | Lebron James Hits the Game-Winning Buzzer Beater”

  1. Michele Says:

    I’m from the Cleveland area and let me tell you…AWESOME just awesome!!! We are so proud of Lebron, Mo and the rest of the Cavs!!!


    ark Reply:

    Yes, it’s really awesome. But lebron can’t keep hitting big shots like this. He can’t do it all by himself. His supporting cast should also rise to the challenge. It seems that they are having difficulty containing hedo and lewis.


  2. coyster Says:

    and we all thought dagger ito na shot para sa magic pero they just shrugged it off sa game 3. how many times na ba ito ngyari sa knila, big baby glen davis, etc…? mental toughness, the magic has it. i am rooting for cavs to win, kc mgandang showdown ung kobe-lbj sa finals diba, hehe. pero the cavs as a team has a lot of holes na ini exploit ng magic. there’s the match up problems. they also have the best center today. ang cavs eh c lbj lng mgaling dun, he just said after the game 3 loss na “if only i could make a clone of myself…” there goes lebron asking for help. c mo wer u na? nilobby ka pa naman ng whole team para mging all star. unless he shows that he is one, the cavs will lose this series. what with his 18- 56 shooting. but there is still hope. sana nga cavs-lal sa finals.


    ark Reply:

    Kobe vs Lebron would be the dream match-up the NBA is hoping for. It will generate huge revenue because of the huge fan base following of these 2 players. Pero basketball is a team sport. These 2 players can’t do it all by themselves. As great as Kobe is, as great as Lebron is, their heroics alone are not enough to carry them to the NBA Finals. The way the Orlando Magic and the Denver Nuggets are playing; with balanced firepower and defense and all, di ako magtataka if Dwight Howard vs Carmelo Anthony and magiging theme ng NBA Finals.


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