Dwight Howard Jersey and Patch Cards

Dwight Howard NBA Jersey and Patch Cards Collection

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In true Shaquille O’Neal fashion, Dwight Howard brought down the shot clock after a monster slam during the Orlando Magic’s Game 2 Eastern Conference Finals win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

When Shaq retires, the one person that will continue to embody the true center position is Dwight Howard. This also rings true when it comes to my NBA trading cards player collections. I collect both players so that when Shaq retires and don’t have new cards anymore, Dwight will be there to fill-in his large shoes.

These are Dwight Howard’s jersey and patch cards I have managed to acquire since 2006. I refuse to call them game-used because it is often untrue nowadays.

2004-05 rookie cards…

2004-05 rookie-year cards…

2005-06 2nd-year cards…

2006-07 cards…

2007-08 cards…

My only jersey card from the very expensive UD Exquisite Collection…

My rarest jersey card serially-numbered to 10 which means that there are only 10 copies of this card existing in the whole world! This is actually a manufactured patch. Read about what is a manufactured patch at this post 2007-08 Topps Letterman Autographed Patch Refractors #d /15.

The present and future Superman here in one jersey card!

I intend to collect as many as I can. I’ll just update this post from time to time whenever I have acquired a new one.

In case you’ve missed it, check out also My Dwight Howard Autographed Cards and My Dwight Howard Rookie Cards.

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8 Responses to “Dwight Howard NBA Jersey and Patch Cards Collection”

  1. sportsector Says:

    Andami mo ng jersey cards ah. Baka pwede tayo trade dun sa mga doubles mo? May mga doubles din ako na dh12 na wala ka pa.Ganda nung patch card mo pare.


    ark Reply:

    Double nga sila bro pero magkaiba sila ng design kaya I’ll not trade them away. Hmmm, ok, siguro depende sa kung ano ung nasa sa iyo. I already emailed you about this.


  2. peter Says:

    I’m more of a baseball fan but very nice collection of Dwight Howard nonetheless.


    ark Reply:

    Philippines is a basketball-crazy country so you’ll not see much baseball cards here. Thanks for dropping by though.


  3. RedheadGirl Says:

    You have a very nice collection here.


    ark Reply:

    Thank you. It’s seldom that girls appreciate my collection. To the, they are just piece of cardboards and worth nothing.


  4. My Dwight Howard Autographed Cards | Says:

    [...] case you’ve missed it, check out also My Dwight Howard Jersey and Patch Cards and My Dwight Howard Rookie [...]

  5. precious posadas Says:

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