Our Wedding Chronicles: The Videos

Our Wedding Chronicles: The Videos

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NOTE: I’m making a series of blogs narrating the events last year that led to our wedding on December 22, 2007. I’m making this to share to others and for me and my wife to always remember how we became hitched to each other. This is the thirteenth and final blog in the series.


Along with the wedding album and portrait, Rey Rellon Studio of Davao City also made a video presentation of our wedding. Again, their expertise was evident on the finished product. It was produced on a DVD.

Here’s the DVD cover…

DVD cover

…and DVD label.

DVD label

The video is around 1 hour and a half long. For the sake of convenience, I decided to splice the video and post here by sections.

Here’s the menu…

Here’s the introduction. It’s a flashback of sorts and  features our childhood pictures as well as pictures taken when we were not yet married.

The pre-wedding preparations

Here are the wedding ceremony videos. Please read my blog about The Wedding.

This is the entrance march to the wedding ceremony at the Archbishop Gerard Mongeau Chapel, NDU Compound, Cotabato City.

The pictorials…

Here are the wedding reception videos. Please read my blog about The Reception.

This is our arrival at the reception at El Manuel Convention and Entertainment Center, Cotabato City.

These are the events at the reception. This includes our prosperity dance and the cutting of cake and wine drinking.

This includes our pictorials with the guests at every table and the unique game we had.

The thanksgiving speech I delivered. This took me more than 10 minutes! Well, we have so many people to thank for who helped us to make our wedding a very memorable one.

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Our Wedding Chronicles: The Wedding


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10 Responses to “Our Wedding Chronicles: The Videos”

  1. Dina B. Says:

    The video presentations are very well-done. The company you hired is very competent. Excellent choice of background music too. Congratulations!!!


    ark Reply:

    Thanks you Dina. You should check out our wedding album too. It’s nicely done as well.


  2. analyn Says:

    ayan…kumpleto mo na ba itong series mo?wala na akong aabangan sa sunod? hihihi.. ganda nung mga videos nio.basta patulong ha at hingi ng mga tips pag ako na ikinasal.


    ark Reply:

    Kumpleto na an. Salamat sa pagsubaybay. Sure, email mo lang ako pag ikakasal ka na. :-)


  3. carlota Says:

    wow you sure have a great wedding and a memorable one. The bride looks so beautiful.


    ark Reply:

    Thank you. It surely is very memorable.


  4. Gem Says:

    Hmm.. I only got into this last post of video series. I just wish I have something that I can share too in my blog – well, you know..

    As I had mentioned, this might be something that I might not have in my life. Having someone to share life with is indeed a blessing.

    Gem’s last blog post..Happy 25th Birthday Tetris


    ark Reply:

    Hey, don’t lose hope. That man might just be in some corner lurking and waiting for his chance. 😉


  5. Morgan Says:

    Really, fantastic wedding videos. I am very much appreciate on this blog.


    ark Reply:

    Thank you very much.


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