2004-05 Hoops #131 Kobe Bryant

2004-05 Hoops #131 Kobe Bryant

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Fleer did a good job capturing Kobe Bryant’s dunk over Dwight Howard and putting it on a trading card. The Defensive Player of the Year said in an interview that it’s the most embarrassing moment for him in the NBA.

Kobe Bryant's dunk over Dwight Howard

This card has a Beckett high value of only $2.50 but the moment captured is priceless.

Enough said.

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One Response to “2004-05 Hoops #131 Kobe Bryant”

  1. Fleta Cody Says:

    Kobe can dominate the entire opposing team easily if he wants to.. just like that. Kobe owns everyone else so hard you gotta admit it Haters go away. He will get as many rings as Jordan soon.


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