Kobe Dunk on Dwight Howard

2009 NBA Finals | Kobe Bryant vs Dwight Howard Preview

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The date was November 12, 2006. It was Dwight Howard’s 6th game as a rookie and his team the Orlando Magic is facing the Los Angeles Lakers and its superstar, Kobe Bryant.

In the 3rd quarter with the Magic leading 82-74, Lamar Odom set a pick for teammate Kobe. With the lane open, “The Black Mamba” breezed his way to the basket…

…but Dwight Howard is standing in his way out to challenge him.

No problem…

Ouch, welcome to the NBA Superman!

Here’s the dunk again in all angles.

That moment was even immortalized in a trading cardKobe Bryant’s 2004-05 Hoops #131.

C’mon, enjoy the Defensive Player of the Year’s embarrassment even more with this video.

The NBA Finals start tomorrow. Any chance this will happen again?
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7 Responses to “2009 NBA Finals | Kobe Bryant vs Dwight Howard Preview”

  1. Ceus Agbayani Says:

    go! kobe…you will win this finals ah..i will watch you in our tv….Go! lakers….,//.beat orlando


    ark Reply:

    Go Dwight! Go Magic! Beat LA!


  2. Brandon Says:

    I love to see this happen. But Kobe seems too tired already. And the way DH12 is playing with his defense, this is a one-time event.


    ark Reply:

    Hmmm, the series still has at least 2 more games left. We can’t say that yet. Although I hate to see this happen to Dwight being the defensive player and all.


  3. Black Mamba Watch | Says:

    [...] once welcomed reigning Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard to the NBA with pure aggression and delivered the final strike to the Orlando Magic’s heart in the 2009 NBA Finals and claim [...]

  4. NBA’s Dunk of the Decade | Says:

    [...] think Kobe’s dunk over Dwight Howard warrants attention as well. [...]

  5. Anonymous Says:

    best bbball player ever cuz flance says so


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