Greatest Michael Jordan Collection

The Greatest Michael Jordan Collection Selling for US$450,000 at eBay

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Check this out sports card hobbyists.

A collector from Australia is selling his collection of assorted Michael Jordan trading  cards with a Buy It Now price of  US$450,000 at eBay. Wow! That’s around PhP21.6M in Philippine peso. If the price is too much for you, you can make a Best Offer. The seller added this note though: “I am willing to accept offers but please do not provide me with unreasonable or ridiculous offers as they will be auto-declined by EBAY. Please do not ask also for a pricing on an individual card as this is auction is for the entire lot.”

Checking out the cards from the collection, I must say that there are really amazing gems on that lot. These are the ones that captured my fancy.

graded Fleer 86-87 RCs – this card is Michael Jordan’s rookie card and is considered the Holy Grail in the hobby

MJ autographed cards…

this is one of my dream cards – for my Auto Focus collection

with another 23, MVP Lebron James

1/1 card – meaning this is the only card in existence…

cards with a piece of jersey, patch, suit, floor or bat (he played baseball for a short stint)…

sick insert cards…

there’s even an oddball/promo card showing MJ in a Superman costume that would surely make a run for Shaq and Dwight’s money…

Take note that the cards I have displayed above are just some of the cards in the collection.There are still hundreds more that will make a collector drool. On a personal note though, I doubt that this collection will ever be sold at the asking price of US$450,000. I think it’s too much.

But who knows? In this hobby, I have seen and known people literally spending millions just to get the trading cards they really like.

If you are interested, here’s the link (already not available) for the auction. It’s a 10-day listing and ends on June 15, 2009.

Good luck! :-)


UPDATE June 16, 2009: The listing ended yesterday with no winners. The seller reduced his price to US$299,000 and got 19 private offers. He declined them all. The listing also got around 3,900 views. He has now broken the lot and sold the cards individually at eBay.

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11 Responses to “The Greatest Michael Jordan Collection Selling for US$450,000 at eBay”

  1. Chris | Says:

    wow..dream ko to get that one..sobrang mahal bro..di kaya ng badget


    ark Reply:

    Haha, I didn’t know na collector ka rin pala bro.


  2. Earthling Chic Says:

    Guys confuse me. Really. How can someone would want to purchase those? LOL Like.. I don’t think a card is worth all that money LOL! I would never understand guys when the topic is all about balls LOL


    ark Reply:

    Well, each of us has his own interest. What might be garbage for you might be worth gold to me and vice-versa. 😉


    big stan Reply:

    and i always thought women are fond of balls, LOL! 😀


    ark Reply:

    Haha, nice observation…


  3. Daisy Says:

    Well I’m not a sports fan but just passing by from EC. I kinda like your ark cartoon above although I dont feel it a sporty thing….


    ark Reply:

    You are right. I am actually working on a new header. Thanks for passing by.


  4. Sports Autograph Says:

    Wow that is a great collection.


  5. VON Says:



    ark Reply:

    Well, you failed to give me your contact details so how can I buy from you?


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