2009 NBA Trade Rumors, Shaq to Cavs

2009 NBA Trade Rumors | Shaq to Cavs

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The rumor mill has been abuzz with news of a possible trade that will send Shaquille O’Neal to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Phoenix Suns will get in return Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic and finally get rid of Shaq’s fat paycheck.

This trade was almost pushed-through before the trade deadline last February. When the Suns executives were asking for Wally Szczerbiak instead of Wallace, it was canceled.

During that time, the team was hovering at the 6th-8th playoff spot in the Western Conference. So they decided not to continue with the trade anymore and wanted to see if the trio of Shaq, Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire under new coach Alvin Gentry can make a deep playoff run. But that didn’t happen.

The Cavs are also on a roll that time and inserting a figure as big as Shaq might disrupt team chemistry so they didn’t bother pursuing the trade as well. But in the Eastern Conference Finals, no one could contain Dwight Howard and the Lebron vs Kobe dream match failed to realize.

Now, four months later, the two teams are revisiting the failed trade.

If it was made a done deal last February, Phoenix should now have the money to spend on free agents this summer and still have enough for the much-awaited 2010 free-agency bonanza. Cleveland should have better support in defending Dwight Howard. Lebron James should have somebody to help him on the scoring load. Shaq should also have reunited with Kobe and Phil Jackson in the NBA Finals. It should have been the original Superman brandishing his cape and not the successor.

But these are all purely based on a big IF.

I like to see the trade happen… fast.


UPDATE 6/26/09: Shaq was finally traded to the Cavs! Yippeee!

Shaq Traded to Cavs

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  1. navy seal workout Says:

    Honestly….I do not see the hoopla about Shaq…..He is not that skilled! He cant shoot the ball from more than 3′ away from the hoop. He is just a large man period…no skills just size. If you watch someone guarding him he just plows over you. Any other player would be called for a foul. I have the right to stand my ground and if he lays 350 lbs on me and pushes me out of the way it should be a foul.


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