Shaq, As An MMA Fighter? Calls Out Giant Hong Man Choi

Shaq, As An MMA Fighter? Calls Out Giant Hong Man Choi

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Shaquille O’Neal has always been known as a prankster and a clown. Always trying to be funny and to be the life of the party. When he challenged giant MMA fighter Hong Man Choi to a fight in this video, I don’t know if he is really serious or this is just one of his jokes.

Shaq vs Hong Man Choi

Outside of the basketball court, Shaq can rap, dance, act and tweet. He even works as a reserve law enforcer. So why not fight in an MMA event?

Hong Man Choi AKA “Che Man”, “The Techno Goliath”“Korean Collossus” has been fighting MMA since 2005. He stands 7″2′ and weighs 330 lbs. and

Shaq AKA “Big (insert anything here)” has no prior MMA experience except maybe starring in a video game titled Shaq-Fu. But he has been undergoing MMA training for some time now at Jonathan Burke’s Gracie Gym in Orlando. He stands 7″1′ and weighs 325 lbs.

They are pretty even. They are both giants. The ring might collapse under the weight of these goliaths. But this is a fight MMA and NBA fans alike will watch in delight.

Here’s the video of Shaq training MMA-style… with some dancing. He’s just having fun.

Here are videos of Hong Man Choi fighting.

vs Fedor Emelianenko

vs Mirko Cro Cop

vs Bob Sapp

Shaq is Superman in the basketball court, I wonder what his MMA name might be?

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4 Responses to “Shaq, As An MMA Fighter? Calls Out Giant Hong Man Choi”

  1. Bowler Says:

    it looks like Shaq didn’t learn from Jose Canseco’s mistake a few weeks ago


    ark Reply:

    Shaq is different from Canseco in that he has been training MMA-style for years in now. Shaq also has more stamina and lung-power than Canseco by running up and down the basketball court all those years. Baseball is not as physical a sport as basketball is so Shaq will definitely give a better performance.


  2. MMA T-Shirt Says:

    welcome to the world of MMA shaq!


    ark Reply:

    Haha, not yet. Shaq might play 3 more years in the NBA so we’ll have to wait for that long before he suits up in a Shaq-fu attire.


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