The Black Mamba vs Superman

2009 NBA Finals | The Black Mamba vs Superman

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This embarrassing welcome-to-the-NBA-I’m-the-black-mamba dunk did not happen.

But this one’s not too shabby either.

It happened during the 3rd quarter of the series-clinching Game 5 last June 15, 2009 at the Amway Arena, Orlando where the LA Lakers captured its 15th NBA title, Phil Jackson his record 10th title as a coach and Kobe Bryant his 1st Finals MVP Award and 1st championship ring without Shaq by his side.

Superman has dethroned The King but apparently, The Black Mamba’s venom is too much for him to handle.

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  1. Sportsbook Says:

    Great site and nice article. I really like that Kobe layup.


    ark Reply:

    That’s jordanesque! 😉


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