JibJab Video | He's Super Barack Obama

JibJab Video | He’s Super Barack Obama

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Here’s a very funny video taking on Barack Obama’s position as the most powerful man of the most powerful country in the world, as President of the United States of America.

Super Obama

Sure, it might take a Super Obama to fight budget deficits, unemployment, health care, national debt and global warming problems as well as solve security crisis in Iraq and with the Talibans.


The video was played during the Radio and Television Correspondents Association’s (RTCA) dinner on June 19, 2009. President Obama was the main guest speaker at the dinner so the video’s creators got to see the his reaction. It apparently got a positive nod from the president.

Check it out. This is another viral video in the making.

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The video was created by JibJab, a digital entertainment studio based in Los Angeles, California. It was the same company responsible for the “This Land is Your Land” viral video which shows George W. Bush and John Kerry singing released during the 2004 US presidential election.


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9 Responses to “JibJab Video | He’s Super Barack Obama”

  1. MMA Gear Says:

    That’s a great video of Obama, Jib Jab does an awesome job of making political videos, this one is more on the positive side, which is nice! Really like the part with the pirates lol. Thanks for the vid.


    ark Reply:

    I like that part too. The animation is excellent. You’re welcome.


  2. draco Says:

    This is truly funny,a positive projection of president Obama. Job well done by Jib Jab.


    ark Reply:

    This is truly well-done. JibJab has a history of making this kind of videos. They did it again.


  3. Donald Serrano Says:

    haha… funny! :))


  4. Miah Says:

    hahaha this video is really fun and great!


    ark Reply:

    Mao jud. Lingaw kaayo no?


    Miah Reply:

    yeah, nalingaw gani ko watch, may video pa nung nagsayaw sila ni hillary, kita ka? hahaha, lingaw ko’g katawa… hahaha…


    ark Reply:

    Kato’ng gadisco sila? Haha, lingaw gyapon. Naa sa youtube page nila tanang videos na gibuhat nila.


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