2004-05 Ultimate Collection #128 Ben Gordon AU RC

2004-05 Ultimate Collection #128 Ben Gordon AU RC

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I don’t know if Ben Gordon’s signing with the Detroit Pistons is good or bad for NBA trading card collectors.


His former team, the Chicago Bulls has a fanatical following due to a guy named Michael Jordan. The city is also a big market being one of the largest cities in the USA. On the other hand, Detroit might also be a big market but not as big as Chicago is. However, its basketball team, the Pistons has an equally massive group of “Bad Boys” collectors.

In mid-2008, I traded my 2006-07 Topps Chrome Autographs Refractors Black #57 Dwyane Wade A for this card below, a 2004-05 Ultimate Collection #128 Ben Gordon AU RC.

2004-05 Ultimate Collection #128 Ben Gordon AU RC

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That time, I thought I was getting the better part of the deal because the Wade has a Beckett value of $120 while the Gordon, $150. Around that time, Dwyane Wade was injured, Shaq was traded to the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat was going nowhere. Even though the Chicago Bulls missed the postseason, Ben Gordon is still playing spectacularly coming off the bench as a 6th man. Being one of Ben Gordon’s rarest and most important rookie card, I realized that it is more valuable than a regular autographed card.  It is also serially numbered to 250 and was packaged in four-pack boxes that contained four cards each that carried a SRP of $100. It also helped that when it first came out, it booked at $300!

A year later, the Wade card has retained its $120 value owing to Dwayne Wade coming of a strong season where he led the NBA in scoring for the 1st time in his career. The Gordon card meanwhile has depreciated to $80 as well as some of his other cards. I don’t know why. It must be because collectors are spending their money more on team mate Derrick Rose or maybe his play is not strong enough to warrant a second look from collectors.

This card is still with me. I have said before that collecting trading cards is like a stock market. Ben Gordon’s change of scenery might increase its value, or decrease or maybe no change at all. Well, it’s all part of trading cards prospecting.


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  1. Vishal Says:

    Good for you. I also used to collect cards when i was a litle younger.


    ark Reply:

    What happened to your collection? There might be some treasure in them, hehe..


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