fleshasiadaily.com Raided by NBI

fleshasiadaily.com Raided by NBI

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I was watching Saksi of GMA Network last Friday night when a report about the NBI raid of the office of fleshasiadaily.com site operators caught my attention.

I immediately plurked about it but since no one seemed to really care about it (maybe because I don’t have enough followers and plurks are not indexed by google), I decided to make a post about it.

Fleshasiadaily.com (popularly known as FAD) is the web site that first posted to youtube the controversial Careless Whisper scandal videos.  If you noticed, there is a watermark of the web site on the second video where Katrina Halili is dancing to the tune of “Beautiful Girls” while holding some glowing balls. A few days later, the collection of videos from the Hayden Kho Scandal video vault has been unleashed to the public for free by that web site in a series of posts.

Then, all hell broke loose! The Philippine Senate became involved in one of the hottest scandals to hit Philippine show business in years. It was in the front page of every newspaper and in TV news and showbiz programs for days. It became one of the hottest trends in the world wide web. Bloggers had a field day and some sites crashed (mine included) due to the sheer amount of traffic looking for those videos. Hay, mga Pinoy nga naman.

Details regarding the raid was posted by GMA Network here. Contrary to that news article however, FAD don’t register 1.2 million hits per day. It hovers at 250,000 as their sitemeter shows. It’s undeniable though that the site really benefited from those scandal videos as their site registered 4.6 million hits in May (when the videos were first posted) as opposed to only 980,000+ the previous month. This just goes to show that “s*x sells”, really. 😉

Contrary to some news articles, fleshasiadaily.com has not been shut down and still operational. FADdicts are still rejoicing, hehe..

I think this is the second time in Philippine history that an operator of a Philippine web site is facing pornography charges. Boybastos.com was taken down in 2007.


UPDATE July 18, 2009: fleshasiadaily.com has been shut down already. Below is a screenshot of their web site. Their use of the word PHOENIX tells me that there might be a FAD 3.0.

fleshasiadaily.com (FAD) is DEAD!

UPDATE July 29, 2009: fleshasiadaily.com has risen from the ashes to become Flesh Asia Daily 3.0.

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5 Responses to “fleshasiadaily.com Raided by NBI”

  1. mike Says:

    When I checked,oo nga operational pa din website nila.Sana ipalabas na nila ung rufa mae quinto before sila mamaalam sa ere,hehe….:-D


    ark Reply:

    Oo nga eh, antagal-tagal. Dami nang naghihintay nun, hehe..


  2. coyster Says:

    di na cguro lalabas un, pati ung kay vicki belo mastermind ng lahat.


    ark Reply:

    I doubt it. Lalabas at lalabas din un. Ung kay michael jackson nga na burning hair at ung dunk kay lebron eh lumabas na, ito pa kaya?


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