Michael Jackson's Ghost Caught on Video by CNN

Michael Jackson’s Ghost Caught on Video by CNN

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Michael Jackson has been so controversial when he was still alive. The tabloids are always filled with all the news of his plastic surgeries, child molestation charges, “staged” marriages, his Neverland Ranch, etc. that he has been dubbed as “Jacko the Wacko”.


You would think that in his death, the King of Pop will finally be at rest. But no! From his manner of death, to his will, to the custody of his children, to his  “Final Curtain Call” concert, etc, Michael Jackson never failed to caught the attention of many. Now, here comes another bizarre news: Michael Jackson’s “ghost” was caught on video by CNN.

The “ghost” was captured by a CNN cameraman during a guided tour of Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch in California. The tour was for an “Inside Neverland” Larry King Live special by CNN. Michal Jackson’s “ghost” was caught on video by CNN when the camera was pointed down a long hall-way inside one of the main buildings.

Here’s the footage. It’s up to you to decide whether it really is Michael Jackson’s ghost or not.

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If you would ask me, yes it might be a ghost. But how could I possibly know that it’s Michael Jackson? If he was doing the moon walk, maybe I’ll believe it. 😀


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6 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s Ghost Caught on Video by CNN”

  1. ianemv Says:

    Parang Nginig ang dating ah..Agree with you Ark, kung nag Moon Walk sana mas Thrilling =)


    ark Reply:

    Galing nga ng music na napili nung nag-edit ng video. Katakot talaga! Kung nagmoonwalk nga, wala ng maniniwala na multo un, hehe..


  2. sarz Says:

    funtym jud ka ark! moonwalking ghost nice one! but pwde nman cguro anino lng ng sumbody from that point ang nkuha… =(( could be!


    ark Reply:

    Yap, baka anino lang. Or baka gawa lang ng CNN para mas lalo silang kumita. Di natin masabi.


  3. mike Says:

    Ung music ang nagbigay ng nginig factor dito. Nicely done. Pero di si Micheal Jackson un.Matangkad ung ghost e…


    ark Reply:

    Haha, oo nga ano? Nice observation.


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