NBA Free-Agent Signings | Rasheed Wallace to Celtics

NBA Free-Agent Signings | Rasheed Wallace to Celtics

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Forward Rasheed Wallace of the Detroit Pistons has finally committed to play for the

Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett

Boston Celtics next season agreeing on a two-year deal that  starts at the mid-level exception (expected to be about $5.6 million to $5.8 million).


In Wallace, the Boston Celtics are hoping to add a versatile player that is tough, a hard-nosed defender and is a scoring threat from anywhere on the court. He is however volatile and hot-headed leading the NBA in technical fouls for many seasons (even setting a record 41 in 2000–2001).

But he has proven that he can be a very valuable addition to a roster  due to his strong desire to win. He was a big factor to the Detroit Pistons winning the 2004 NBA Championship. He is also a big friend of Kevin Garnett which might help him rein in his silly outbursts.

With Rasheed Wallace playing center, the Boston Celtics will have a possible starting lineup of Kevin Garnett (PF), Paul Pierce (SF), Ray Allen (SG) and Rajon Rondo (PG). Wow, the Boston Celtics looks to be a very formidable team on paper next season!

It’s a classic case of the rich getting richer.


UPDATE October 28, 2009: Will Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics reclaim their throne with a front court boost in ‘Sheed?

Watch the Celtics’ NBA live streaming games the Raptors for the duration of the  2009-010 NBA season.


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6 Responses to “NBA Free-Agent Signings | Rasheed Wallace to Celtics”

  1. Quintin tates Says:

    I predict flag number 18 is on the way


    ark Reply:

    The Lakers, Spurs, Cavs and the Magic have also upgraded their rosters. It will be an exciting and unpredictable season full of surprises.


  2. Taiwan Says:

    With a healthy KG, the Celtics are looking like the team 2 beat in the east.


    ark Reply:

    I think they’re just a healthy KG away from returning to the NBA Finals last season. They should be a strong contender again if KG remains healthy.


  3. NBA Live Streaming | Says:

    […] switched teams as well: Ron Artest is now with the LA Lakers, Vince Carter with the Orlando Magic, Rasheed Wallace with the Boston Celtics, Hedo Torkuglo with the Toronto Raptors, Shawn Marion with the Dallas Mavericks and Ben Gordon with […]

  4. Johnathon Debien Says:

    Can the Celtics make a serious run for the NBA championship? After their performance with the Pistons I might say, why not! However, after their games against the Grizzlies and the Cavaliers, not so sure. Opinions appear to be evenly cut between attainable and unlikely. Your thoughts?


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