Michael Jackson Memorial Service Video | Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz I'll Be There Duet

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Video | Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz I’ll Be There Duet

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The song “I’ll Be There” is one of the hits for Michael Jackson and his brothers when they were still together as The Jackson 5. It was the first single from their Third Album in 1970 and subsequently becoming the most successful single ever released by the group. “I’ll Be There” sold 4.2 million copies in the United States, and 6.1 million copies worldwide.


In 1992, Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz covered the song during Mariah’s appearance on MTV Unplugged. The song became her sixth number 1 single in the US. Their duet was nominated for the 1993 Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, losing to Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road”.

During the memorial service for Michael Jackson held at Staples Center, California, USA on July 7, 2009, Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz sang the song as a tribute to “The King of Pop”.

Here’s the video of Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz’ duet:

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Mariah was later criticized for her less-than-perfect performance. At her twitter page, she apologized saying:

“Trying to sing today was basically impossible for me. I could barely keep myself from crying. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to pull it together and really do it right, but I was literally choked up when I saw him there in front of me. One thing I know is, we will never really have to say goodbye to MJ. His legacy lives on through his music and the millions of people he inspired with his timeless music. He will be forever in our hearts.”

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  1. grasshopper Says:

    it seems like Trey Lorenz could star in movies someday if he really wanted to


    ark Reply:

    Why have you said so? I think he has no intention to enter showbiz. He is a singer and songwriter and I think will remain that way.


  2. Forney Says:



  3. Rose Newbrough Says:

    Mariah is a fantastic singer but I like the older music better especially The Rain.


  4. Nicolas Kodama Says:

    Mariah Carey will be a great mom when she has a baby. I am not sure if she is already pregnant but I wish she is and that she will have a wonderful family life with Nick Cannon


  5. Moses Porth Says:

    I love Mariah Carey. Her songs are impressive and she has a powerful voice. I have collection of her albums and I adore her a lot


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