Firefox 3.5 Embarrassed Restore Session

Embarrassed Restore Session of Firefox 3.5

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I have always been a Mozilla Firefox user since 2006. What I like most about it are its strong security, tabbed browsing and automatic spell checking features as well as the various plug-ins that you can add to suit your needs.

So when the latest version 3.5 codenamed Shiretoko was released last month, I immediately upgraded to it.

However, it is still far from perfect. When my firefox browser crashed for some unknown reason, I restarted it and this screenshot below greeted me (click to enlarge):

Firefox 3.5 restore session

That’s the Restore Session feature for Firefox 3.5 and it says, “Well, this is embarrassing”. Compare it to the previous Restore Session feature for Firefox 3.0:

Firefox 3.0 restore session

Instead of becoming annoyed due to the crash, I was somehow amused. :-)

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4 Responses to “Embarrassed Restore Session of Firefox 3.5”

  1. Vlad Says:

    Its kind of reverse psychology by Firefox I think. It helps you to feel positive things than to be annoyed when yo encounter this kind of error.


    ark Reply:

    Haha, it could be. Firefox yesterday released an update to 3.5. It’s now on 3.5.1. They must have fixed some glitches. So far, it’s been working fine for me. And faster too. :-)


  2. JessQ Says:

    I updated to that latest mozilla my greatest dismay!!! I lost my Entrecard Toolbar!! It says that it isn’t compatible anymore…x%4
    $#@*&!!?? Am back with my google chrome now…with consistent crashes…


    ark Reply:

    Is that so? I am not active anymore a entrecard so it’s OK with me. I think you can always revert to the previous version of firefox where the entrecard toolbar works.


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