Shaq "Beat It" Tribute to Michael Jackson

Shaq’s “Beat It” Tribute to Michael Jackson

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Shaquille O’Neal might currently be in China on a promotional tour for shoe company Li Ning but he found time to twitter his love for Michael Jackson who recently passed away. Apparently, he is a fan. And a BIG fan at that.

This is what Shaq tweeted.

Shaq's tweet for Michael Jackson

The link points to a music video for “Beat It” Shaq and his team mate Damon Jones made when they were still playing for the Miami Heat. Yes, the video is old but Shaq dug it out from his vault to release it as his personal tribute to the “King of Pop”.

Here’s the Shaq “Beat It” tribute video:

Shaq was in his usual goofy self. They were even holding plastic knives to reenact the battle scene in the original video for the song. But you know what? What I like most about this video is the presence of cute babes in bikinis.

Shaq Beat It Tribute

Why, it is the first time I’ve seen cute babes in bikinis in a basketball court. :-)

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4 Responses to “Shaq’s “Beat It” Tribute to Michael Jackson”

  1. ADELA Says:

    Loved his music, the world is gonna miss him :(


    ark Reply:

    Yes, the world lost a legend.


  2. MJ_is_alive Says:

    Shaq’s always making a fool of himself!


  3. amanda Says:

    This just reminds me that I miss michael so much, michael was the best singer in the world :(


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