Jollibee Kids Meal Toys | Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Jollibee Kids Meal Toys | Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

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In time with the showing of the second live-action film from the Transformers franchise, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, Jollibee gave away these action figures as part of its Kids Meal.


This is actually the fourth in a series of Transformers toys released by Jollibee. The first was Cybertron (January-February 2007), followed by the robots from the first Transformers live-action film (June-July 2007) and then Beast Machines (February 2009) which I was not able to acquire.

The Autobots are represented by Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Ironhide while the Decepticons are represented by Starscream. I wonder why Megatron is absent. Here they are:

The robots

Their alternate modes

Optimus Prime




Considering that the action figures are made by Hasbro (which is the company behind the first Transformers toys), I am pretty disappointed about the quality. Parang knock-offs ang itsura, mumurahin at ung nabebenta lang sa Quiapo. The articulation points for each robot is almost absent with only one for Ironhide and Starscream. They are also smaller compared to the previous ones.

For the sake of comparison, here are the toys side-by-side with their older counterpart. The newer toys are on your right side.

Optimus Prime (robot)

Optimus Prime (alternate mode

Bumblebee (robot)

Bumblebee (alternate mode)

See the difference?

Cost of materials and the manufacturing process must be higher nowadays that’s why the sacrifice in quality. But I wonder why McDonald’s can produce high quality ones for their Happy Meal when the difference in cost from Jollibee’s is somewhere between P5-P10 only?


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8 Responses to “Jollibee Kids Meal Toys | Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen”

  1. ricojake Says:

    i really dont like JB Kids Meal Toys for a simple reason that it’s not collectors item quality ( parang galing lang sa Divisoria, yung tig-bebente lol..)


    ark Reply:

    The two previous editions of their transformers toys are collector’s items quality. Nung beast machines na at itong ROTF edition ang pangit na ang pagkakagawa.


  2. R. Says:

    Reading your entry made me feel like a kid again.Ü I was never a fan of Jollibee’s Kiddie Meals even when I was little. For some reason, I always had this notion that their toys were always mediocre. It seems that til this day, nothing’s changed.

    Enjoyed reading your post.


    ark Reply:

    Who says only kids have the right to collect toys? We should not forget to be always kid at heart, life becomes easier when you do. Thanks for the visit.


  3. xprosaic Says:

    Hahaha kung ang jollibee may transformer ang mcdo naman nasa ice age… jijijijiji


    ark Reply:

    Oo nga. In fact, complete ko na rin un. I will make a blog post about it. Watch out.


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