The Lebron James Gets Dunked On Video

The Lebron James Gets Dunked On Video

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After 2 weeks of clamor, our question “Where’s the video of Jordan Crawford dunking on Lebron?” has finally been answered.

TMZ has released this video showing NBA superstar Lebron James getting dunked on by 6’4″ college kid Jordan Crawford during a pick-up game at Nike’s LeBron James Skills Academy at the University of Akron. The video is of poor quality and might be taken using a cellphone.

In a different angle but of better quality is this video from eBaum Nation.

So, is this what Nike has been trying to cover-up? I see nothing spectacular about the dunk. It’s just a plain two-handed jam. It’s very disappointing. Considering what Nike had gone through just to cover this up with the media even dubbing it as the Lebrongate Scandal, I have expected it to be more like this sick Dwight Howard getting dunked on by Kobe Bryant.

Tsk… Tsk… Tsk… This has truly been blown out of proportion.

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3 Responses to “The Lebron James Gets Dunked On Video”

  1. sportsector Says:

    I have read somewhere that the videos taken by Nike have been returned already to their owners.Have you seen them already?


    ark Reply:

    I have not seen them yet bro. I think they were not yet released by the original owners.


  2. Where's the Video of Jordan Crawford Dunking on Lebron? | Says:

    […] UPDATE July 23, 2009: Finally, TMZ and eBaum Nation have released the Lebron James gets dunked on videos. […]

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