Flesh Asia Daily is Now FAD 3.0

Flesh Asia Daily is Now FAD 3.0

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All ye FADdicts rejoice!

From the ashes of censorship rise the phoenix that is Flesh Asia Daily.

After being forced to shut down after a raid by NBI, Flesh Asia Daily has returned after ten days in limbo with its third revision.

Posted today on their web site was this blog post by author Mike Chanco with the following excerpts:

Welcome To FAD 3.0, employees and plebes alike! I’m just back from about two weeks of walking around the neighborhood with a dandelion in my hand, blowing it softly on the face of anybody — anybody — who raises an eyebrow at me. That’s me doing my “self-reflection.” On account of that little excitement a few weeks back, and the utter shame of being caught playing Guitar Hero in medium difficulty, I went to big churches, asked for divine guidance, stole some candles, you know, the usual! Then one day, I said: “screw it! we’re going back online!” Then I stole more candles — why, they didn’t even have armed guards over there at Baclaran church!

So, does this mean that we will finally see the video of Hayden Kho and Ruffa Mae Quinto playing tong-its in some unknown room somewhere?

Just keep your fingers crossed. 😀

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  1. fleshasiadaily.com Raided by NBI | Says:

    […] UPDATE July 29, 2009: fleshasiadaily.com has risen from the ashes to become Flesh Asia Daily 3.0. […]

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