Marvel Legends Masterworks Spiderman vs Green Goblin

Marvel Legends Masterworks Famous Covers | Spiderman vs Green Goblin

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With a tag line of “Famous covers come to life!”, Toybiz released full-scale diorama representations of famous Marvel Comics covers in 2006. Each diorama came packaged with copy of the comic book cover. Series 1 was comprised of Spiderman vs Green Goblin and Fantastic Four vs The Mole Man while Series 2 was comprised of The Thing vs The Incredible Hulk and Everyone vs Galactus.


The Spiderman vs Green Goblin diorama is based on the Marvels #0 comic book titled “The Battle for Gwen Stacey” which is based on the “The Night Gwen Stacy Died” story arc of the Marvel Comics comic book series The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1, #121-122.

In the diorama, Spider-Man is adhered to a corner-wound mass of webbing, arranged upside down. The Green Goblin is perched malignantly aboard his goblin glider, the glider’s dirty brown rocket exhaust cluttering the foreground of the diorama.


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spiderman_vs_green_goblin (2) spiderman_vs_green_goblin (3) spiderman_vs_green_goblin (4)

The Green Goblin with a wicked grin…

spiderman_vs_green_goblin (1)


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    That is cool i have always been a fan of marvel. i used to own stock in them but sold it right before they sold out to image comics


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