Marvel Legends Masterworks Hulk vs The Thing

Marvel Legends Masterworks Famous Covers | The Incredible Hulk vs The Thing

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In 2006, Toybiz released full-scale diorama representations of famous Marvel Comics covers with a tag line of “Famous covers come to life!”. Each diorama came packaged with copy of the comic book cover. Series 1 was comprised of Spiderman vs Green Goblin and Fantastic Four vs The Mole Man while Series 2 was comprised of The Thing vs The Incredible Hulk and Everyone vs Galactus.


The The Thing vs The Incredible Hulk diorama is based on the Marvel Feature #11 comic book titled “The Thing and The Incredible Hulk”. It was the first solo story Marvel published of the Thing from the Fantastic Four. Kurrgo, Master of Planet X has captured the paralyzed Leader and they agree to settle their dispute with a fight between their chosen champions: Thing and Hulk.

The base of the diorama is a bristling foundation of detritus-strewn rocky terrain, which creates a peripheral image of a city plunged hip-deep in confusion and cataclysmic ruin. The Thing and the Savage Hulk are trading punches capable of hurtling disbanded cars through empty space. The Thing is sheathed in orange-brown living rock nearly indistinguishable from the terrain beneath him, calling upon the sum of his cosmic ray-spawned power. The Savage Hulk is slightly larger than the Thing, a monument of muscular power and nearly insatiable rage.

Hulk vs The Thing

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Hulk vs The Thing Hulk vs The Thing Hulk vs The Thing

Given Savage Hulk’s ability to gain additional strength proportionate to his fury, he’s probably the safest bet for the win, but the Thing is durable and unpredictable, so the fight might conceivably go either way. Who do you think won?


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  1. Louie Says:

    one of the best matches in marvel I like Hulk!


    ark Reply:

    Maganda siguro ang film version nito pag nagkataon.


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