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Full-scale diorama representations of famous Marvel Comics covers with a tag line of “Famous covers come to life!” were released in 2006 by Toybiz. Each diorama came packaged with copy of the comic book cover. Series 1 was comprised of Spiderman vs Green Goblin and Fantastic Four vs The Mole Man while Series 2 was comprised of The Thing vs The Incredible Hulk and Everyone vs Galactus.

The Everyone vs Galactus diorama is based on the Fantastic Four #243 comic book titled “Shall Earth Endure?” Galactus, planet-devouring super-being, simultaneously battles a scatter of heroes – Dr. Strange, Iron Man, the Wasp, Captain America and the Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four vs Galactus

Fantastic Four vs Galactus The Thing vs Galactus

Captain America’s invincible shield can’t make a dent on Galactus’ foot…

Captain America vs Galactus

Iron Man trying to blast a hole on Galactus’ head…

Iron Man vs Galactus

The Human Torch burning a hole on Galactus’ chest…

The Human Torch vs Galactus

Thor unleashing the power of his mighty hammer, Mjolnir…

Thor vs Galactus

Measured against the titanic armor-clad Galactus, the heroes, despite their individual powers and abilities, seem almost insignificant.

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