What if Donald Duck is a Marvel Superhero?

What if Donald Duck is a Marvel Superhero?

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This question was hatched after The Walt Disney Company announced that it will acquire Marvel Entertainment, Inc. in a stock and cash transaction worth $4 billion. Because Marvel is also known for its cartoon characters, it is inevitable that a crossover with those of Disney’s will happen.


In the world of Disney, Donald Duck is arguably the second most popular character. In the cartoon movies, he is often portrayed as jealous of Mickey Mouse and wants his job as Disney’s greatest star.

I already made a post on what would Mickey Mouse look like if he is a Marvel superhero. So as not to incur Donald’s patented fits of rage, I’m also devoting this post to him. Let’s see.

as Wolverine…

as Wolverine

as Spider-Man…

as Spiderman

as Iron Man…

as Iron Man

as Deadpool…


as Captain America…

as Captain America

as Hulk…

as Hulk

as Thor…

as Thor

as The Thing…

as The Thing

as Dr. Octopus (who is actually a villain)…

as Dr. Octopus

as Daredevil…

as Daredevil

as Human Torch…

as Human Torch

If this happens, we will see bloodless fights and less carnage so as not to shock the kids too much.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own these images although I admit that I wish I have the talent and skills of the artists who made them. Images were taken from deviantart.


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  1. sugar Says:

    this is funny, nice one.


  2. sports Says:

    that is too funny. where did you find these? I like the wolverine Donald the best.


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