How to Hack Photobucket?

How to Hack Someone’s Photobucket Account

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Now, why would you want to do that?

Possible reasons I can think of would be curiosity and revenge.

If someone’s photobucket account is set to private, you would become curious as to why. Are there personal nude pictures somewhere in that account? And if the owner has somewhat become your enemy, what better way to plot a revenge than stealing those private photos and distributing it all over the internet right?

So, if you came here looking for ways on how to hack a photobucket account, I’m sorry but I don’t know how and don’t intend to know either. This post is just a test if I can gather some traffic from the web. After all, this post was created after I did some keyword research about photobucket when I exceeded my account’s bandwidth limit.

Here’s the screen shot of the hack photobucket keyword in the Google Trends result:

How to Hack Someone's Photobucket Account

With 1,080,000 results in the Google SERPs, “hack photobucket” is not exactly a HITLOD (high trend low density) keyword. But there’s no harm in trying right?

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6 Responses to “How to Hack Someone’s Photobucket Account”

  1. Pastilan Says:

    Bro, the keyword “hack photobucket” has a global monthly search volume of 3,600 and there are more than 1,080,000 competing pages in the SERP if the keyword is searched without quotes and 370,000 if searched with quotes. So this keyword is, as you have said, not a HITLOD. But the good news is that not one of the top 5 pages in the SERP for this keyword has a PageRank higher than PR2 so it is possible for you to take the number one spot in no time. But the problem is this: the highest possible CPC of the Google ads that come with this keyword is just $0.69. If we try to get a rough estimate of how much you will earn with this keyword in one month if you get the number one spot in the SERP, it would be around $94, that is if you get 75% of the 3,600 searches in one month with a CTR of, shall we say, 5% (that is a total of 135 clicks in one month). Well, $94 is $94, malaki na rin yun :)


    ark Reply:

    Wow galing! Master na master mo na talaga ang SEO bro, hehe.. Actually in my research, di ko sinali ung CPC. Traffic lang kinonsider ko kasi I know the income will follow. But thanks to you, I have an additional information na medyo profitable nga siya. That is, if I make it to the top. 😉


    Pastilan Reply:

    Medyo mali pala yung kwenta ko Bro, kasi $0.69 yung kwenta ko, dapat pala percentage lang nun times the number of clicks, so it is lower than $94 a month.


    ark Reply:

    Ah ganun ba? Ok lang, experiment lang naman ito.


  2. James Moralde Says:

    Golly, I thought there’s actually a technique to hack photobucket in this post. LOL.

    @Pastilan, you really know your SEO, don’t you?

    By the way Ark, I remember you had an experiment about the keyword ‘facebok’ sometime ago. Seems like it’s getting harder to rank for mis-spellings these days because Google would suggest, or more like insist, on the right spelling anyway. It would say “Showing results for facebook. Search instead for facebok”. That is, it would show only ‘facebook’ search results by default. It will only show ‘facebok’ search results if you intentionally click on the “Search instead for ‘facebok'” link.


    ark Reply:

    You are right. As a result, my visitors for that keyword dropped considerably. But still, search engines like search, ask, yahoo and bing give me visitors for facebok to the tune of 100 visitors daily.


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