Google Doodle Unexplained Phenomenon

Today’s Google Doodle: Unexplained Phenomenon UFO

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Google has been known to modify their famous logo to reflect holidays or special events (like birthdays of famous people or anniversary of invention of something useful). These special logos are called Google Doodles.


Today however, and for some still unexplained reasons, Google has in its homepage a doodle of an UFO (unidentified flying object) hovering above the logo and seemingly trying to “abduct” the letter O.

Google Doodle unexplained phenomenon

The file name for the doodle is go_gle.gif. Yes, that’s google without an “o”.

When you click on the doodle, you will be directed to the search results page for the phrase “unexplained phenomenon”. Well, the doodle seems to be self-referential as it itself is an unexplained phenomenon.

To make matters even more unexplainable, Google tweeted this series of numbers at their Twitter account:

1.12.12 15 1.18.5 20.15 21.19

It means “All your O are belong to us” which is a play on “All your base are belong to us” (often shortened to “All Your Base”, “AYBABTU”, or simply “AYB”). It is a broken English phrase that was central to an Internet phenomenon, or meme, in 2000-2002, with the spread of a Flash animation that depicted the slogan. The text is taken from the opening cut scene of the 1991 European Sega Mega Drive version of the Japanese video game Zero Wing, by Toaplan which was poorly translated by Sega of Europe. It was popularized by the Something Awful message forums. (from Wikipedia)

So, what’s the reason behind all of this? Was there a significant UFO sighting or some “unexplained phenomena” that happened on this date? Or maybe, just maybe, is the company really ran by aliens? After all, the word google sounds alien enough.

What do you think?


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5 Responses to “Today’s Google Doodle: Unexplained Phenomenon UFO”

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  2. Jenifer Donovan Says:

    google’s been doing doodles for years, but i think this is the first time they have done something mysterious…


    ark Reply:

    Yes, I think so too.


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  4. sports Says:

    I think it is fun when they do it. I like how it took you to an unexplained phenomenon search page. They really are getting more and more creative.


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