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I have never heard of Guy Dupuy except today. A quick scan at Wikipedia returns nothing.

But due to an amazing dunk he was able to perform at the London’s Nike Midnight Madness, Guy Dupuy has become a phenomenon. To basketball fanatics at least.

Here’s the video of his between-the-legs, off-the-bounce dunk he performed over somebody. What’s more amazing is the guy is only 6’3″.


Guy Dupuy’s bio says that he is part of an amateur group of dunkers known as Team Flight Brothers. He is only 21 years old yet he is dubbed as one of the best dunkers in the world along with Kadour Ziani who is only 5’10” but can has a vertical leap of 61 inches which is a world record according to topendsports. In comparison, His Airness Michael Jordan has a vertical leap of 48″.

If you’ll ask me, the sickest dunk I have probably seen is a 720 degrees dunk. That’s a dunk with the player doing a full body rotation twice in the air before dunking the ball. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video.

It was done by Taurian Fontenette aka The Air Up There / Mr. 720. He is also part of the Team Flight Brothers.

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