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Michael Jordan Inducted Into Hall of Fame

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This is where the game of basketball began. And finally, Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest player in its history has been inducted yesterday into The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame located at Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.

In an emotion-filled induction speech, Michael Jordan said:

“Don’t be in a rush to find the next Michael Jordan, there’s not going to be another Michael Jordan.”

That’s class.

Here’s the complete Michael Jordan Hall of Fame speech video split in three parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Michael Jordan was enshrined with fellow 2009 class members Utah coach Jerry Sloan, former Jazz guard John Stockton, former San Antonio Spur David Robinson and Rutgers women’s coach C. Vivian Stringer.

Michael Jordan’s accomplishments are listed below:

* 6-time NBA champion (all with Chicago Bulls)
* 5-time NBA Most Valuable Player
* 10-time scoring champion
* 14-time NBA All-Star
* 3-time NBA All-Star Game MVP
* 6-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player
* 1-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year
* 10-time First team All-NBA selection
* 1-time Second team All-NBA selection
* 9-time First team All-Defensive selection
* NBA Rookie of the Year
* NBA First team All-Rookie selection
* 2-time NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion
* Selected in 1996 as one of the “50 Greatest Players in NBA History”
* Selected in 1996 as member of 2 different “Top 10 teams in NBA History”
— the 1991–92 Chicago Bulls (67–15; .817) and the 1995–96 Chicago Bulls (72–10; .878)

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7 Responses to “Michael Jordan Inducted Into Hall of Fame”

  1. mike Says:

    Cool na cool talaga kung magsalita si idol…tsaka joker pa… he’s still the greatest for me.

    Sana makavisit rin cia dito sa pilipinas.


    ark Reply:

    I think aside from being the greatest basketball player ever, he is also one of the most eloquent athletes ever.


  2. Povz Says:

    Kobe nor LeBron could never be greater or be like Michael Jordan. Never by a million miles… Never! He is the one and only Michael Jordan… the greatest basketball player.


    ark Reply:

    I’ll say amen to that.

    In fairness to Kobe or Lebron, they have not said that they want to be the next Michael Jordan. They said that they prefer to be the only Kobe Bryant or Lebron James.


  3. enad Says:

    he was the only basketball player I knew as a child.


    ark Reply:

    I think si Jabbar ang pinakauna ko’ng nakilalang NBA player when I was a kid. Naalala ko kasi, lumabas siya sa pelikula ni Bruce Lee na “Game of Death”.


  4. KayaCamilla Says:

    As I first saw a documentary about Michael Jordan, I know I will be a fan of basketball. It was amazing seeing him fly, defying gravity at its very essence. I watched his winning shot over the Utah Jazz way back in the 90’s when I was still a kid and when Karl Malone was crowned MVP. I literally saw him fly then, I saw him above every basketball player in history, of course including Malone: the MVP that time.
    Jordan had revolutionized basketball game play. He has set a new standard today where everyone else followed. Subsequently, the results were really amazing. From today’s Kobe Bryant and his famous step-back jumper to the knee-breaking crossover of Allen Iverson, I know that they were direct results of Jordan’s new standards making NBA soar high in terms of fame. As they put it, “heroes here are not born, they are made.” And I will stand my ground being a lifetime solid fan of basketball.



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