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Mayweather Shows Marquez Who’s Number One!

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“Number One / Numero Uno” was a boxing event top-billed by two of the best boxers there is today, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Mayweather vs Marquez video

They faced each other in a 12-round 144 lbs catchweight fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on September 19, 2009 which was in conjunction with Mexican Independence Day, traditionally a big boxing weekend.

In a highly partisan Mexican crowd, Mayweather showed Marquez why he was the former pound for pound king by pummeling the latter for all of 12 rounds in a mismatch of massive proportion. Marquez even kissed the canvas once in the second round. When Mayweather’s rage subsided, all the judges scored the fight for him with the scores: 118-109, 120-107 and 119-108. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. wins via Unanimous Decision!

I’m sorry if I can’t provide the full Mayweather vs Marquez videos of the fight. They were taken out due to copyright claims by HBO.

Highlights from Fox Sports

Highlights from ESPN

Post-fight interview with Shane Mosley, Bernard Hopkins and Max Kellerman (very funny!)

You can also watch the video of the Chris John vs Rocky Juarez II fight.

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17 Responses to “Mayweather Shows Marquez Who’s Number One!”

  1. Macmac Says:

    excited na ako paano kaya maglalaban and counter-puncher at defensive specialist


    ark Reply:

    Mayweather is too large and too quick for the older Marquez. Mayweather’s style is really no match for Marquez.


  2. ricojake Says:

    …mismatch of the century.


    enad Reply:

    and you said so. paying 600k for excess pounds paid off for him. he’s wise. probably the reason why really meant not meeting the required weight. he knew marquez wouldnt reach the treshold so he didnt either. lucky for him, he weighed more


    ark Reply:

    Sinabi, hehe..


    enad Reply:

    i really feel that their fight was kind of unfair. technically, it isnt but if you look at the other sides, there really is. i better write something about this. magalit na ang gustong magalit na mga fans ni mayweather. that gayweather.


    ark Reply:

    Bro, Mayweather might be too large for Marquez but you can’t deny the fact that he is also too quick. What can you say about Marquez’ hitting percentage of only 12%? Di nia mahuli-huli si Mayweather eh.

    I think di na factor ang weight dun. Mas magaan si Marquez kaya kung tutuusin, dapat siya ang mas mabilis di ba?


  3. kimo Says:

    Floyd is bigger and quicker. Fool is the one who really believed that Marquez can beat him in the first place.


    ark Reply:

    Well, some of us really believed that Marquez has the tools needed to beat Mayweather. In fairness with Marquez, he prepared hard for this fight. You can see that in the HBO 24/7 series. He even drank his urine. Apparently, that’s not enough to give Mayweather his first ever defeat.


  4. sugarshane Says:

    Mayweather vs Mosley is next. I’m betting on it.


    Tommy de Pedro Reply:

    Maybe… but do you think people want that fight? It’s pacquiao-mayweather that we are craving for so long now!!!

    Pacquiao – Mayweather let’s get it ON!!!


    ark Reply:

    I agree with Tommy, it’s not Mayweather vs somebody or Pacquiao vs somebody that people want. It’s Pacquiao – Mayweather that fans have been craving for so long now.

    If ever that happens, it will break PPV and gate records as the biggest-selling boxing match ever. I’ll bet on that.


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