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Today’s Google Doodle: Tribute to H.G. Wells

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The UFO is back at Google’s homepage!

This time, it brought an army flying all over a landscape with tripods walking around. One tripod is even seen abducting a cow while people where running around. Click on the image to see a clearer picture.



If you may recall, the UFO first appeared as a Google doodle on September 5 hovering above the logo and seemingly trying to “abduct” the letter O. When clicked, the doodle will direct you to the search results page for the phrase “unexplained phenomenon”. Various explanations behind it were offered but apparently, none of them rings true. 😀

Then on September 15, the UFO again appeared hovering over crop circles formed from a corn field. Accompanying it was a tweet by Google giving the coordinates for the village of Horsell Common near Woking at Surrey, UK. The town is the setting for the first Martian landing in the book  War of the Worlds of science fiction author H.G. Wells.

By then, it was speculated that the two doodles are related and that there will be a third doodle today which should have been H.G Well’s 143rd birthday.

Seems that it is right. The Google doodle for today depicts a Martian invasion. When clicked, you will be directed to the search results page for H.G. Wells. When you hover the mouse over the doodle, the caption “Birthday of H.G. Wells” appears.

I think it was such a cool idea by Google to conceptualize this mysterious series as a tribute to the “Father of Science Fiction”. I really thought that Google will launch a new product and is trying to stir public interest and curiosity over it.

To know more about Herbert George Wells, go to his entry at Wikipedia.


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5 Responses to “Today’s Google Doodle: Tribute to H.G. Wells”

  1. Popovz Says:

    Kawawa naman si Jules Verne di mo sinama sa Father of Science Fiction. :( kawawa naman ang Journey to the Center of the Earth author…


    ark Reply:

    Akala ko wala’ng magrereact, hehe..


  2. enad Says:

    the speculation was right nga. ibang klase ang google. congrats for making it to the top again. hehehe. ang dami mo ng subscsribers. those don’t include me. pagnareach mo 500. ill subscribe na. hehehe


    ark Reply:

    Thanks. Top commenter ka naman eh.


  3. sports Says:

    That is really cool. I didn’t see that one either. i guess that is one disadvantage of using Bing. Bing just has some really interesting facts every day.


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