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The Biggest Fight in Ultimate Fighter History!

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The biggest fight in Ultimate Fighter history is here. This Wednesday, Internet sensation Kimbo Slice tips into the Octagon in the toughest fight of his career. He’ll face former IFC Heavyweight champion Roy “The Big Country” Nelson in the fight everyone will be talking about.

Kimbo Slice versus Roy Nelson on the all-new Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights.

Kimbo Slice vs Roy Nelson video

This is what the commentator says in the fight preview video for The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights Season 10 Episode 3 that will feature Kimbo Slice and Roy Nelson.

UFC President Dana White has this to say:

“This is the true test for Kimbo Slice. We’ll gonna find right now, what he’s got.”

Kimbo Slice has little MMA experience yet having fought in only 4 matches. He is best known as a street fighter in unsanctioned street fights and became an internet sensation when videos of those fights were uploaded on YouTube. He won his first 3 matches as a professional MMA fighter but lost his last fight via knockout in only 14 seconds to Seth Petruzelli. Since then, his career has spiraled down. It did not help either that EliteXC, the organization he fights for has gone bankrupt allegedly because of that controversial loss. By joining The Ultimate Fighter, Kimbo Slice is hoping to resurrect his career.

In his way however is his true test, former International Fight League World Grand Prix heavyweight champion Roy Nelson. The man is the most experienced among the reality TV show’s participants having already fought in 17 matches with a record of 13 wins (6 by KO, 4 by submission) and 4 losses. He is the heavy favorite to win the show.

This will be a very exciting fight. Both are standup fighters who are not afraid to mix it up face to face. The only ending to this fight will be a knockout to either of them.

UPDATE: Kimbo Slice loses to Roy Nelson in round two via referee stoppage.

Here’s the Kimbo Slice vs Roy Nelson video of the fight:


TUF Season 10 Episode 3 was aired on September 30, 2009.

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11 Responses to “The Biggest Fight in Ultimate Fighter History!”

  1. Povz Says:

    Khe, download ka ng mga TV series including Ultimate Fighter using torrents… Sites:,,


    ark Reply:

    Ok poy. Thanks for the links.


  2. Alexis Says:

    Street-fighting and mixed-martial arts are two different things…Kimbo Slice was formidable againsts those street punks he fought with.

    Against a professional MMA fighter however with Roy Nelson’s caliber,he is no match.

    Im predicting Kimbo Slice will be knocked-out.


    ark Reply:

    That’s a very bold prediction but very possible. Actually, either of them can deliver the knockout blow to each other.

    But in terms of ground game, Roy Nelson is better. Kimbo has near to none and is not akin to learning it either.

    If the fight goes standup all the way, I’m still with Kimbo Slice.


    Bert Reply:

    I am a BIG fan of KIMBO SLICE. I agree with you ark,if Kimbo and Nelson go face-up, Kimbo will win it no question.His defeat against Petruzelli was a fluke.


    ark Reply:

    Kimbo is saying that he will fight Petruzelli again if given another chance and that he says no to nobody.


  3. Shaun Says:

    I think Roy needs to take it to the ground. With Kimbo’s lack of ground skillz Roy has a chance. I think if he tries to play the stand up game he will get caught by Kimbo. Although if Kimbo doesn’t play it safe he very well could get caught by Roy like he did with Petruzelli. I heard it takes about a year for you to recover from a knockout punch. Liddell is a perfect example.


    ark Reply:

    Rashad Evans made a name for himself by knocking-out Chuck Liddell at UFC and The Iceman still never recovered from that.

    Yes, the only way for Nelson to win the fight is to take it to the ground where is far superior to Kimbo.


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  5. Watch The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Finale | Says:

    […] the 1st Round awarding a TKO victory to Nelson. Incidentally, that was the same technique used by Nelson against Kimbo Slice on Episode 3. Afterward, UFC President Dana White said that The Big Country finally impressed […]

  6. holaza Says:

    jajaja le pegaba piñas en la pelada jaja


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